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♥ Too Good To Be True ♥ (TOP♥BOM)


♥ Too Good To Be True ♥ (TOP♥BOM)

Park Bom came to Seoul to be able to prove to her family she's all grown up and she can decide for herself. She came from a rich family, but her family chose to live in a province far from the heart of Seoul, Korea. 

Choi Seung Hyun  also know as TOP is one of the members of Big Bang. He's very popular because of his deep voice and his talent. He is a serious type of guy who is quiet and can be stubborn at times but he enjoys the company of his Big Bang friends because they can make him laugh.



This is actually my first time to write a Fanfic of TopBom. So Im really hoping you'd like this one. I am obviously a TopBom shipper. I just find them really cute together because they have an obvious chemistry.


Comments would be highly appreciated. 





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syayuuri #1
Chapter 25: Lmao the ending. bananaaaaaa!!
Phoebebbap2pm #2
Chapter 25: This is so sweet !!! Super cool ! Thanks Author-nim :)
babydolltinay #3
thanks guys aheheh yeah hmmmmmmm bananaaaaa!!!! i keep on laughing when i see that vid..

thanks so much for the comments!!!!
ttotapbi2080 #4
Lol tabi "hmmmmm bananaaaa!" XD
haewon-kezia #5
love it
haewon-kezia #6
thzt's quite sad
kloves2ne1 #7
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xI7-PF754_Y haha.. this is the link where Bom performed the song.. in her trainee days.. haha.. just wanna share.. :)
babydolltinay #8
thanks @AkanExxxAi and CantresistGD... thanks so much!!!
AkAnExxxAi #9
true love!!!! thnx for the great fic!!!!
CantResistGD #10
Sweeeeeet ending! I love it! ^___^<br />
Looking forward to their wedding though! Heehee~<br />
<br />
Till your next awesome fic! ^^ Can't wait! :D