Girls, they love me

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"Every lady wants a piece of me!" This was what he said, but will she agree to it?




Crystal (OC/You) - (Do note that it's not the krystal from fx)

- Just the kind of student that is too normal to be noticed, not..

- Adding an aura of seduction and pretty face features

- Pure and naive at times, oh! she's nice :)

- But, is an outcast due to all her perfectness :(


Mark Tuan

- Just the best visual in the richest school full of snobs :>

- Adding some amazing dancing skills 

- As well as a charismatic voice in contrast to his face

- Not forgetting his arrogant and rude attitude :<


Rest of Got7 members will be featured, characteristics will not be shown here though :> Pardon me

Thank you for dropping by ~



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0 points #1
Congratulations dear for the feature :D
ialisa #2
Chapter 43: I really enjoy Mark's father and Crystal scene
good job!!!
Chapter 43: Love your story! :3
I wished girls loved me :(. The story was good to the point that I pulled an allnighter.
Congrats on the feature ^^
LoveK-POPforlife #7
Chapter 43: This story made me cry, get upset, and rejoice, the story was really beautiful, and the sadness helped convey your story, this was probably one of the best things I have ever read, it made me feel so deeply. Thank you for writing this story. :)
OxyJin_1225 #8
Chapter 43: That was an amazing story! Congrats on your feature!
OxyJin_1225 #9
Chapter 13: Yugyeomie is so cute and fluffy! I want a brother like him!
i'm new here and just dropped by after seeing that you got featured (congratulations btw! ^^)~ i'm looking forward to reading this fic!