Angel & Devil


Hyunseung as a devil, and Hara as an angel. Junhyung adores Hara, but he doesnt know that Hara is the real devil.


Hello! I’m back with new fanfic~^^ Because of i love JunSeung so damn much, the main cast is still JunSeung. And so sorry for my bad grammar. Pls subscribe and comment. Your support and suggestion will help me to finish this fanfic perfectly. Kamsahamnida~ Enjoy ^^


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naznew #2
nice story..
UntilTheLastBreathe #3
congrats on your story. You had done very well in it was a good attempt
dreaming777 #4
eh? O.o it is end already? I don't expect it to be so soon~<br />
and just like what I've thought, Junnie get misunderstanding and stand at Hara's side.. and on that time, I really wanna punch Junhyung!! esp when he rather choose to go to Hara's room instead of Seungie's... grrrrr~ I really wanna punch and kick him!!<br />
but then I'm glad somehow he realized his love towards Seungie ^^ and I'm glad that all of this end with a HAPPY ENDING~
SoeulMate_JS #5
doojoonie....take diz seungie.i kno that pabo joker won't going to trust seungie.he's too blind to realize that y hara was the real devil...
b2stbubble #6
yeah...i've got the same thought as dreaming777.<br />
TT^TT...nuuu!!!someone have to save seungie!!!
dreaming777 #7
oh uh~ I'm afraid Junhyung will accused Seungie for doing something to Hara, since now Seungie is the one who hold Hara's hand!! O.O<br />
so how is the competition?? I hope she wont get eliminated ><
pinkhamsters #8
heh, at least jun went after hyunseung :P poor hyunseung.... hope the illness isnt serious!
dreaming777 #9
uh oh~ is this mean Junhyung already has a special feeling towards Seungie ^^??<br />
awww~ Junseung is so cute~ <br />
I don't know what Hara s planning now, she better doesn't break our JUNSEUNG!! x(<br />
SecrettimeGot7 #10
When doojoonie falling with hyunseungie..???