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Trigger Warning
by Moonki
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Tags   angst   drama   bap   ot6   daejae   bangdae   | Report Content | A A A A


Yongguk Himchan Daehyun Youngjae Jongup Zelo


All he could remember was his vision fading into blackness as he felt the damp rag cover his face. He was just walking home. It all happened so fast.

"Prepare to be reborn."



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Pairings: the main ones are BangDae and DaeJae but  there's just going to be a little mix of everybody xD


Underground / Crime life


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All characters and happenings are purely fictional and do not portray events in real life.

Any similarities to other written works are purely coincidental unless otherwise stated and accredited.


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rasolyn () says about chapter 5:
Author-nimmmm~ how abt a threesome? Bangdaejae.

wordplay () says about chapter 5:
Yay for the DaeJae meet! Though, I kinda figured Daehyun it'll turn out like this, I'm glad it happened. I sincerely hope that DaeJae finds a way to get out together, and maybe teach evil Bang a lesson, cause I'm so sick of reading about people ly exploiting others and getting away with it.

wiwid10 () says about chapter 5:
so whos the main otp of this fic ? well youngjae could be just daehyun pal right hehehe

I'm really curious what is bbang planned for them .......... keep up the good work autornim

Rachmi94 () says about chapter 5:
Together~ Together with me~ ahahahahak~ XDD
Daejae Daejae Daejae, sweet couple~ :)

Claudine_NG () says about chapter 5:
The spark of DAEJAE. I hope Yongguk has no threesome kink to torture Daehyun and Youngjae.

Can they really escape? I don't think Daehyun's in a good condition ater getting ed.

AlienMatoBunnies () says about chapter 5:

ThunderStruck () says about chapter 5:
Yes I like this daejae connection, I really hope jae gets out with or without dae

k0j3t4 () says about chapter 5:
No!!! I'm sorry, but I just don't really like DaeJae when the story is about BangDae... But at least he had someone with him. Hahahaha~

zelo916 () says about chapter 4:
omg please update soon that chapter was so funny himchan burned everything

chillua () says about chapter 4:
I love this omfg himchan is so cute hehe
Daehyun e u e hwaiting

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