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I seriously laughed a bit on my previous description back on few years ago (If you are wondering what I'm talking about, just read the highlighted in yellow and red fonts) Hot huh? I guess I was really trying to get more readers and by far did not realize I'm a no good writer when it comes to (LOL) but hey, you guys are :P so yeah.

But if you're new and those chapters are scaring you like how the hell can someone new even catch up to 200 over chapters, I know I won't (LOL) but then it depends. This story is putting much more focus on the ship that I am in love with, TaeNy, so if your bias is neither one of them, or if you find it a bit delusional, there's this X button right at the top corner on your right ;)

No. As much as I feel glad that you guys are sharing my story out, spreading the words will do, but if you are copying the whole story or even translating, I am genuinely seeking for your help to NOT do that, I do not appreciate yourself decision to just copy all my hardwork into turning it yours, but I do appreciate when you asked for the permission. Therefore, no need to ask, it is still a no to any copy paste thing or translation, I dont need one. Thank you.

As for the readers who had been following me since day one, thank you(s) are the only right word to say, you guys are amazing. And I do hope PP is not boring you out though x) I'll keep writing it you keep loving it. haha.

I will try all my best to feed your imagination from the reality happening that we are able to watch/see ;)

Once again, a huge THANK YOU for those of you who have supported me and given this story a chance to be a part of your reading cos everyday is still a new learning day for me, I am not a perfect writer but I will try my best to fulfill to your interest on keeping it going to read PP.. (don't even mention , but I'll try lmao) I wonder will there ever be a day where I no longer have any ideas on sweet romantic scene :| just the thoughts of it, scares me already haha!

Have a nice day y'all. YOLO!











For laughters, tears and joy...

I can give you all of these!






this is just a special love story..

for laughters for tears.

i have all this in stores for you!


a daebak love story going on


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ashraz257 0 points #1
Chapter 228: Daebak!! Really2 loves your update...
TQ 4 still updating diz sweet and full of loves stories..hehehe.. (**,)v <3<3<3<3<3
spongie #2
Chapter 228: awww sooo sweet and romantic taeng can be very nice story ever
kingtfff #3
Chapter 107: this story is ughhh" hahah cant explain . can you please update soon . hee- i even comment alot hahah .
apel54 #4
Chapter 228: Asdfghjkl this ff is my fav :"D
lilaosz #5
This is the best fanfic i have ever read took me a year to reread it again :D i remember when i was at the start here aoround chapter 2 or 3,4 :) so i always read it :D i waiting for the next update and whats it gonn be ;) to be honest i miss seohyun in this alot :/ i know this isnt about her or the other but taeny but i like to read about her more :) and also yulsic :) just an idea: Let there be a fangirl of taeyeon which taeyeon accidently fall in love and that is obvioul to fany :D So one day that girl got brave and kiss tae on the lip and someone took a photo of it(they were outside btw) and things get juicy/ sorry for my really bad english and i wil be happy if you anwser me and tell what do you think about my idea :D even if you dont like it ;) OOh and have the same as seohyun :D then my dream will be come true:D
chachabel #6
Chapter 228: Goshh!! It's so fluffy
Semi_circle #7
Chapter 228: I will never ever get tired of reading ur fics authorshi. How u portrait taeny it felt like so real. How i wish tym will come and taeny will announce they r real couple
pinkbeauty #8
Chapter 228: Damn Im crying this is so sweet I just cant..
_MoonBear_ #9
Chapter 228: TaeNy so fluffyyy~~~
zh2904 #10
Wow, you are really TaeNy hardcore shipper! I love your stories, though I haven't finished it yet. I hope you will write about snsd in BOF moment yesterday. Thank you for awesome stories :) Hwaiting!