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tiffany hwang, kim tae yeon










For laughters, tears and joy...

I can give you all this!






this is just a special love story..

for laughters for tears.

i have all this in stores for you!

a daebak love story going on

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BBDaeSungSNSD () says about chapter 196:
This is the saddest chapter for me. :,(
Poor TaeNy...

Update soon authornim...

taeny2012 () says about chapter 196:
My heart ache again while reading poor tae tae


TF you are such a both real life or fics

Thanks for the update, author...

yaninsmiler () says about chapter 196:
No way!!! T_T I want my taeny back ㅠ_ㅠ My poor taeny :'(

Gibberish () says about chapter 196:
okay..i won't deny that im crying over this...

mioaio () says about chapter 196:
! While was reading the part where she broke up I didn't know my nails were digging in my palm! O.O When I move it to scroll down that was when I only noticed that it was actually slightly bleeding and I was like "OMG! OMG! OMG!" So now I'm typing while hissing in pain OTL But then I started crying right after that. It felt like all the pain in my heart after the dating confirmation regarding Tiffany all rose up and filled me to the brim until it started to spill. Sometimes I wonder, why did I started reading this fic when I know most of it is based from reality? I don't know and I didn't bother looking for a reason because I really don't know. I cried harder after the line “Dear God, when the news is out, please watch over Taeyeon and Locksmiths for me”because I immediately thought, did Taeyeon or Tiffany actually thought of us before or after the news got out? This fic is very real, so real that you find yourself questioning your very ownself if you were a sadist, liking to hurt yourself. Now I'm asking myself why did I read this chapter after I saw the title? Maybe because I got caught between my reality and delusional that I know that TaeNy was really no more. What Sooyoung said is true, I just couldn't side with Tiffany at all. What's the connection of a sick father to TaeNy? He knew Taeyeon is the most perfect one for his daughter yet he wants her to find a man? How can finding a man can make her father get cured? Is he too worried that he cant drink his medicines? I just really can't agree with this. Now I'm starting to really wonder why I'm reading this fic. Maybe it's because this is just too good to not read and this is where I spent my time as a locksmith.
After all, fanfics are what Locksmiths have left now.

PS. Listening to Lost in Love definitely does not help right now. Also sorry for the long comment

iCass14 () says about chapter 196:
OMG I cry all along reading this chap my TaeNy heart is broken but I hope autor-sshi keep this amazing work.
Can't want for next update. Hwaiting!!

sone9ever_ () says about chapter 196:
Omg I love this update :( I was about to cry nice update author-sshi! Update fast please :(

MiyoungBumm () says about chapter 196:
I still feel bad on my message last time. sorry author-nim.

heartbreak <////3 we all need some enlightenment and you gave us that in the last chap TT i do think that this is all a show and they are only doing it to regain 2pm's lost 'popularity'. in any way it still hurt our hearts. thank god that TaeNy is still there, the latest video of tiff coming out of sm bldg waiting and calling taeyeon's name made me realize how deep their relationship is (romantically or friendship) i don't know all I know is I admire them <3

thank you for updating. long live taeny!

JennaMickaela () says about chapter 196:
let Janhae be part of this story ~ i guess :D it will be fun. HAHA :D Thanks to you Author shi for keeping an updates i thought you will going to end up the story. now i'm just relieve. :)

960303 () says about chapter 196:
i love how you came up with a reason for the situation without ruining the story
but i really REALLY don't agree with this
for me, parents are the one who have to make sure their kids are happy no matter what, not the other way around
of course everybody wants their parents to be happy but they should NOT sacrifice their future and happinnes for them, a good father/mother would NEVER want this to happen. It's a cicle, we have to be happy as much as we can, and when we grow up it's time to let our kids live their happinnes.
that's what i believe and forever will, tiffany's dad take care of her and all, but he's not a good parent if he know that tiffany is happy with taeyeon and will still let her do this JUST because of him.

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