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Kim Seok Jin (Jin) Profile


bts-trans:   과학책 모델같진   Textbook model-likejin   오늘도 날이 더운데 다들몸조심하진~  Today the weather’s hot too everyone take care-jin~  Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS

predebut :


Name: Jin (Kim Seokjin)

Birthday: December 4th 1992

Blood type: O

Nicknames: Pink Princess, Jin Princess. Fans gave me these nicknames because I like pink.

Family: Parents, older brother.

Favorite foods: Lobster, meat, naengmyeon (cold noodles), chicken, greasy food. 

Favorite color: Pink.

Favorite items: Maple Story action figures, Super Mario action figures, Nintendo games.

Ideal type: Someone who’s a good wife, is good at cooking, and is nice.

Habits: Blinking my left eye when I’m hungry.

A word that describes me: Hidetoshi (called Youngmin in Korea) from Doraemon. V found a character that looks like me.


  • Cooking
  • The color pink
  • Dogs/pupies
  • The number 4
  • Spring sunlight

Role: Vocal, visual

Predebut activities : He was apparently an endoresment model ^^

Role models: T.O.P sunbae from Big Bang.

In 10 years I will be: Sergeant Kim Seokjin ㅠ.ㅠ and when I succeed in Bangtan, I will be a Jin that mothers like watching on TV.


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Predebut activities added by me.

All pics are collected by me.

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Funnypanda369 #1
Chapter 2: OMG, is that the WEAVER icon thingy magigy?
RavenUchiha #2
Chapter 695: I LOVE this video. The song is VERY catchy, and I love the dance.
RavenUchiha #3
Chapter 589: That is too funny. It's uncanny how much V looks like Baekhyun and Daehyun. But, to me, V looks more like Baekhyun than Daehyun. Is there an Eng Sub of this video?
RavenUchiha #4
Chapter 339: Jungkook is so adorable. I love his smile.
RavenUchiha #5
Chapter 266: OMG! How weird is that? Is there a link to that?
RavenUchiha #6
Chapter 261: Okay, what is Mort? I've seen a few Koreans wear that shirt and especially Henry. What is the deal with the Mort shirt?
RavenUchiha #7
Chapter 190: Oh wow. Do I feel old. When I was in Elementary school we never had computers and cell phones or texting. There wasn't even the thought of social media network. Many of these youngsters were born in the age of technology.
RavenUchiha #8
Chapter 187: Does he wear contacts? I wonder if at some point he'll get surgery done on his eyes, because not taking care of your eyes with glasses or contacts, can be pretty harmful to your eyes. I hope he takes care of them.
RavenUchiha #9
Chapter 128: V looks so adorable with those tiger ears.
RavenUchiha #10
Chapter 121: I LOVE listening to Hanbyul when he talks and sings in English. He's got such a GREAT voice. Even when he sings in Korean, he is an amazing singer.