warm blooded


  Back with a new fanfic !! To be honest, i don't have any high hopes that this fanfic will get alot of views but, i got interested in Jongyoon couple so i decided to write one ! Firstly, please please please comment and suscribe ! I will try my best to write better this time because my english isn't that good... soooo enjoy ? ^_^



Name : Lee Jonghyun, 24 this year.

Comes from a very rich family. Parent owns couple of companys in busan and seoul , unfortunately they died in a car accident when Jonghyun was young. Ever since then, he became cold and don't trust people easily. Got in FNC enternainment when he was 13 years old.



Name : Im yoona , 21 this year.

Came from a rich family too, owns 3 companys at seoul. Got in sm entertainment when she was 8 years old.


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sonemanu #1
Chapter 8: Pls continue this ps pls
jjjong #2
Chapter 8: who is the new guy?
jjjong #3
Chapter 7: I am still reading deerburning continue this story please
Tyaswy #4
Chapter 6: Hello sorry for my late but your story is very interesting update juseyo~
skhr65 #5
Chapter 6: came back pleaseeee~ >,<
machetus #6
Chapter 5: Me me me!! I am still their forever shipper hehe
Please update soon ^^
Punkrockjazz #7
Chapter 4: interesting...
jjjong #8
Chapter 3: interesting but
mixed with idol life..
kind weird...
itzdiah #9
Chapter 2: too short but its okay :)
upate soon~
DeathNote_KillerEl #10
update soon ~