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SWEET SENSASIAN~ [Scenario Shop: OPEN] ^-^


_ Scenarios that'll give you a S W E E T * S E N S A T I O N :]


Heyy guys! Happy Summer :] So I was inspired to start my own scenario shop ^^ Have you guys ever requested scenarios for scenario shops then yours doesn’t get chosen? It’s happened to me many times so I decided to write my own. Lame right? I know. Haha anywho, I hope you guys request a lot & have a sweet summer :] <3

Forum :]

Name: (Korean Last name please)

Partner: (Name & Group)

(If you’re including a best friend or sibling, of your choiceplease just include it in the scenario)

ex. When ___ felt awkward when her boyfriend Peniel and her brother Zico were playing basketball together.

Scenario: (Be specific & creative. I’m not really into cliché or mushy gushy scenarios for example pregnancies, or break ups, or jealousy. BUT you can still apply for them just have a creative ending.)


ex. of a Good scenario: When ___ was making dinner for Zelo’s family and he ate all of the cherry tomatoes.

ex. of a Bad scenario: When Kai cheated on his pregnant girlfriend.

When Changjo slipped on water and fell on ___ (NO! >.<)

ex. of an Acceptable scenario: When ___'s best friend Taemin interrogated her boyfriend for him to admit he was cheating.

[Feel free to take those by the way ^^]


ALSO I’m not choosing randomly because I feel people are going to request too much from one group and that would be an unfair ratio. So I’m going to be selecting scenarios I feel will be fun to write, hopefully this gives a variety of idols to the scenarios. [Please don't get upset if I don't choose yours, just keep applying~]

Note: If you are in need of a scenario because you're struggling to think of one, please go on with the forum and provide your name & partner(s) and write "Author Free Write"

This allows me to create a scenario for you :)

You can choose any idol.

[But I’m still unfamiliar to some groups just as a heads up]


Groups I write best about:






















SPEED [Boys unit of Co-Ed School]




Note: if you choose an idol who isn’t apart of the ones listed please provide a little bit of their characteristics.

ex. partner: Kim Hyungjoon from SS501 [Funny, Sweet, type O, & Kind]


- love triangles [3 is the maximum of partners, you may choose them]

(Provide your main partner, then add the other 2 or 3 in the scenario)

Ex. Partner: Luhan of Exo M

ex. When ___'s boyfriend Luhan invites her ex Jonghyun to her surprise birthday party.

ex. Partner: Jimin of BANGTAN Boys

ex. When ___’s best friend Minhyuk, her crush Jimin, and the new kid Kwangmin all wanted to be her hiking partner for the class trip.

-More than one scenario. MUST be different and requested separately!

NOT Allowed:


Request the same scenario multiple times. (Spamming)

Fantasy [Sorry I'm not good at writing those]


As always.. Subscribe. Like. Comment. Vote Up. & Enjoy Reading! :]

Happy Applying! ^-^

_ xoAeshAxo <3


Comments are moderated. Keep it cool. Critical is fine, but if you're rude to one another (or to us), we'll delete your stuff. Have fun and thanks for joining the conversation!

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jabbawockeez #1
Ahh, i want to request ^^

Name: Lee Sunhee
Partner: Sehun from EXO
Scenario: when sehun forgot about sunhee's birthday because of his hectic schedule

Thanks! ^^
-haruman #2
Hello ^^ Can I apply?

Name: Lee Jisoo
Partner: Kang Insoo(MYNAME)
Scenario: Jisoo realizes that she loves her elder brother Gunwoo's best friend, Insoo but, is too shy to confess to him. After seeing him with Tasha, the school queenka, her heart is shattered. But, what Jisoo doesn't know is that Insoo likes her back...
PaoLu42090 #3
HI i liked your story!! I want to apply!!!
Partner: Luhan EXO-M
Scenario: Luhan takes Paola on their first date but the keep getting interrupted by Baekhyun and Sehun!!!