Desaturated Color Wheel [One-shot]

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Donghae is an artist and Hyukjae is an artwork.


Birthday fic for one of my most favorite fanfic writers. ♥♥♥


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yanHae15 #1
Chapter 1: OMG !!! I had this inkling that it'll be literal but i never thought he would cut him open *shock/devastated*

This is why they say artists/scientists are mad-men >__< OMG !! Poor hyukjae~
I don't wanna meet a man like hae.
vvoogyu #2
Chapter 1: wow did not expect that but still great fic.
Leah3k #3
Chapter 1: The ending was just so perfect! Art fanfics are my jam
ZeiZei #4
Chapter 1: omg..i didnt expect the ending.......... but wow!!
miinah101315 #5
Chapter 1: I literally went into shock for 10 minutes after reading like heavy breathing, not moving, mouth wide open shock omfg. This was beautifully written, the characters were written so detailed like. Like this was horrifying but perfect wow.
861015 #6
Chapter 1: This Donghae is scaring me. I don't want to meet this Donghae kkkk Good job author nim:)
leemaerin #7
Chapter 1: i didn't realize i hold my breath all the way to the ending. wow. you should have put horror or some warning to the tag so i'd guess something would come up unexpected not BOOM you dropped the bomb and i was like HOLY HE KILLS HYUKJAE O.O yeees love can't stand side by side with logic and you put it into twisting story i was flabbergasted to. well written as always ;; now that i have read the story, what comes to mind everytime i read the title is desaturated color of red human blood ;;;
jacquejacque #8
Chapter 1: That was, idk just wow. This hit close to home, being a fine arts student myself. I find this insanely nice hahaha. <3
bluerose24 #9
Chapter 1: this was one of th first stories i readed here and just now these few days i was thinking about it !!! what a coincidense i just found it again!!!! amazing story @#$%&*
Chapter 1: I thought it will be the love story at first,then the last part make me scary... This is crazy... Why can hae do this to my monkey!!! how can he chopping up my hyukkie... definitely jealousy .... i think im gotna crazy too >,<