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Please Verify Your Age [M] Completed!

Trigger Warning
by themagiczebra
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eunhyuk, donghae


Donghae is an artist and Hyukjae is an artwork.


Birthday fic for one of my most favorite fanfic writers. ♥♥♥

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xoELFxo () says:
I have nothing more to say........... 8O

angel_monkey () says about chapter 1:
It's creepy.did he just killed my hyukjae as in chopped him into pieces?omg!use! How could u kill the love of ur life!ur sick and twisted and insane and mad!oh I hate u hae..I loved u but how could u kill my monkey..!huhuhuhu..:(

kimssi () says:
Reading and commenting this again;;
Two years ago i said i love and i hate this story at the same time.
I feel the same now.
This is so painstakingly beautiful.

Azin1994 () says about chapter 1:
What is with you?!you are really something!!!you are the best..
The story was crazy..perfect..

bluerose24 () says about chapter 1:
! What an end I got scared but really beautiful so .... I don't know how to describe! Though I think hae is crazy here ...

jewElf_13 () says about chapter 1:
re-read this in 2013...hihi,,still awesome as ever
donghae is could he kill hyukjae like that

TheNarrator () says:
reread for the 1213245th time

still epic

Aftan6 () says about chapter 1:
Twisted , twisted , jux totally twisted ......

Anchovy15 () says about chapter 1:
omg i didn't see that coming, this gave me so many feels, i cried with the end ;-;

anniech () says about chapter 1:
Crazy but beautiful

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