You Own Me

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Donghae was once Eunhyuk's bully, but not for long.


Though the description seems simple enough, the story itself isn't.

I hope you find the time to read this story of mine. :)

This can also be found at my LJ account. ^^

Thank you so much.


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hyukhae441015 #1
This is one awesome story omg >< I know that it was incomplete but it was so interesting that I couldn't stop reading.. I don't regret reading it a bit even if it left me hanging.. But even after more than 4 years, Im still hoping, deeply hoping that you'd update this awesome fic. Poor Hyukjae. I hope the police has actually followed them. Even just one last chapter of Heechul being imprisoned and hyuk and hae being finally together again... Huhu. Anyway, in any case, I'm so glad I've encountered this fic. It's really wonderful and it gave me so much feels, a rollercoaster ride of emotions. And I hope you're doing good, too, Authornim. Thank you~!!!
jaezetta #2
Chapter 14: The hell...what happen to hyuk...
Oh my hope someone will resque them...kyu please tell leeteuk and gangs...
Looking forward
bosy93 #3
I wish you would update this story
Re-read it so beautiful story
Fadelah #4
Chapter 14: Re reading it was a bad idea cuz you are not updateing amd its killing me
ishipthatfishycouple #5
Chapter 14: this is goddamn horrible and i am so on edge please update omfg
Kitirar #6
Chapter 14: 2016- and i still re read it xD idk if we will ever see the ending... i hope so >.<
innersense #7
Chapter 1: I read this a long time ago and I just HAD to come back and read it again because loved it and all the feels from this. The nostalgia <3 :D
Leah3k #8
Chapter 14: Wait what? Is it no pt finished? ;-; I need to knooow! It is solo good.
hirumamori #9
Chapter 14: omg this is a really good story... T_T even after 3 years of not updating this, I hope you haven't fully given up....or somehow something restores your inspiration to finish this... ;3;

the cliffhanger is killing me...chulla how could you T_T I hope Kyuhyun does something and helps... I already created in my mind that Kyu will save the day! T_T

fighting author-nim! definitely deserves an upvote and subscription from me.