You Own Me

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Donghae was once Eunhyuk's bully, but not for long.


Though the description seems simple enough, the story itself isn't.

I hope you find the time to read this story of mine. :)

This can also be found at my LJ account. ^^

Thank you so much.


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bosy93 #1
I wish you would update this story
Re-read it so beautiful story
Fadelah #2
Chapter 14: Re reading it was a bad idea cuz you are not updateing amd its killing me
ishipthatfishycouple #3
Chapter 14: this is goddamn horrible and i am so on edge please update omfg
Kitirar #4
Chapter 14: 2016- and i still re read it xD idk if we will ever see the ending... i hope so >.<
innersense #5
Chapter 1: I read this a long time ago and I just HAD to come back and read it again because loved it and all the feels from this. The nostalgia <3 :D
Leah3k #6
Chapter 14: Wait what? Is it no pt finished? ;-; I need to knooow! It is solo good.
hirumamori #7
Chapter 14: omg this is a really good story... T_T even after 3 years of not updating this, I hope you haven't fully given up....or somehow something restores your inspiration to finish this... ;3;

the cliffhanger is killing me...chulla how could you T_T I hope Kyuhyun does something and helps... I already created in my mind that Kyu will save the day! T_T

fighting author-nim! definitely deserves an upvote and subscription from me.
jewElf_13 #8
Chapter 14: I really love this fic and still in my su scription. Which means I'm not giving up yet from hoping you will update one day. .
iris_yk #9
Chapter 14: This story is too good....its a pity that you've stopped updating this...nevertheless, im just dropping a note to say thank you & you have an amazing writing skill...good luck...