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Don't Hesitate


Mir feels sorry for a tired Seungho while he is playing a prank on G.O.



I don't understand anything about this site, I'm quite stupid, but I wanted to upload this to give it a try ^^. Comments are always welcome!~~




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kimmberly5 #1
Chapter 1: OMG I'm crying! I love this <3
QueenNoting #2
Chapter 1: That was Amazing, they are so cute together. Everything about this fic was just perfect!!! <3
CyJinliTurtle #3
Chapter 1: I fainted asbajdsa,dnlas my OTP /sob/
Angelcerise #4
Chapter 1: Ahh~ This is so cute XD
GenerationX #5
Chapter 1: Aw... loved it! Mir is so cute and caring and Seungho, so manly usually broke into piecesin the maknae's arms!!! :)
vanilaice #6
that was just so sweet...I loved it :)
and this couple is definetly one of my favorites
kodiak #7
brandnewwind #8
Everything about this is simply perfect! I love it so much I can't simply put my thoughts into words, that's how amazed I am. I just adored how Seungho was so far from his usual strong image of leader in absolute control, rather depending on Mir for the time they spend in his bedroom djdhgjdhfjk I live for moments like these ♥ Thank you for this :3
OoAidanoO #9
Oh my this is soooo sweet!! I love it!
BenjiKS #10
Amazing! I was so mesmerized while reading this, it felt like the whole world just disappeared and everything became silent.. Simply amazing! And I'm SO in love with this couple! :D