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To See Your Smile


What those men call "hope" – the light at the end of the tunnel, as you will – has been nonexistent to me. And now, when it has shown itself, my light is flickering towards extinction.


Well, what can I say about “To See Your Smile”? The short story was written a couple years back as a short story assignment for my English Language Arts class and, actually, I was quite proud of my achievement. Not only did “To See Your Smile” manage to get me a high grade in English, it also opened doors towards fanfiction writing and Obsidian Theatre’s signature genre: tragedy.

            I hope you enjoy reading “To See Your Smile” as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Kagami Hisoka


Obsidian Theatre.


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abclollipop #1
such an amazing story.. such an amazing author.. i reeallly love your way of writing... thank you for sharing this... >_<
fishcakes #2
wow... that was good & deep ~ <3