Just A Dream


Hellos people!

Do you know what time it is?

It's time for another story!

I have been having this in my head for a while now; howvever, it will not be a short story.

So, that is why I am not putting it in my short story file. :)

Guess what it is.

That's right! you guessed it.

Zombie fic!!!

Well if you looked at the tags it would have told you.

Lmao! This is my first attempt at a horror story so i dont think i can make it too graphic, but seeing as how I have a phobia against zombie; I think I can make it pretty good. So, please bare with me if it goes a little slow, and it is not too scary.

I have been thinking on the story, so i have a few ideas in mind. so i hope you will be as thrilled with it as i am.

First chapter will be on Friday, and will update on every Tuesday!!! Those of you who are already familiar with my stories update plan. It will follow the same way.

This will contain boy/boy relationships. So, it will be a zombie/ fic. \

I can't wait for this TUESDAY, i hope to see your views and comments there. I usually don't ask for comments, but seeing as how it is my first horror story; I am going to be needing any/every support I can get.

Thank you!! XD



Kim Hyun Joong profile:


Description: He is a cop, who is friends with Jung min. They went to school together, and the police acadamy together. He is rescued by and slowly falls in love with Young Saeng.

Heo Young Saeng profile:

Age: 24

Description: He is third year med-student, who is friends with Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Jun. His roommate is Kim Kyu Jong, who is his friends since childhood. He and Kyu Jong saves Hyun Joong and Jung min, after hearing their plea for help. He will also slowly fall in love with Hyun Joong, though he will deny it severly.

Kim Kyu Jong profile:

Age: 24

Description: He is a traditional martial arts major. Skilled with swords, archery, and other tradtional weapons. But he prefers the swords. Roomates with his childhood friend Young Saeng, and is also friends with Kim Hyun Jun. Has a girlfriend named Uee, who has been with him since high school. He is in complete love with her.



Kim Hyun Jun profile:

Age: 23

Description: A music major for classical violin. He is also has a major in western music. He is good friends with Kyu Jong and Young Saeng. He lives in the same building with his two friends, and he witnessed his roommate getting eaten. So, he was emotionaly unstable. A day after Hyun Joong and Jung min came to them, he starts to lean into Jung min and will not leave his side.

Park Jung Min profile:


Description: He is a cop; he is also friends with Hyun Joong. He hurts his ankle, trying to get away from the zombies; causing Hyun Joong to carry him, and now in need of help, thus finding Hyun Jun and the others. Starts to fall for Hyung Jun, after Hyun Jun starts to lean and depend on him, for emotionally support, after taking care of his ankle.


Uee profile:

Age: 24

Description: A fashion major, she is the girlfriend of Kim Kyu Jong. Though she uses him as a shield to get what she wants. She is the cause of one of the guys to be left behind to a uncertain fate. She also gets the boys into situations often. No one likes her, but respects her because of Kyu Jong.

Other Characters.

Yung Hee

Jo Hyun

Yi Hyun

(Memebers of Uee's group.)


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yukinage #2
woooooooow i read this story more than 3 times ^^ it's really wonderful ^^
ggbezt #3
Chapter 40: interesting...
ST01Now #4
Yey. It will be a good New Year/ Christmas gift! xD Excited for it. Time will just fly right? Haha. Hwaiting!! :))
ping501 #5
I do have faith in you author-nim. Good luck in writing and Fighting! Omo?! are you planning on breaking my heart with this sequel, hope not :p
katiemae01 #6
Yaaaay can't wait. U no I'm ready!
tihani #7
Yahooo....i thought you already forgot about the sequel..update soon
DoubleSHINee #8
Finally the sequel will pop up next year:D Will wait patiently author-nim
tehreem #9
can't wait.......
you are the best author:)
lotzzzzzzzzzzz of love:)
LovelyYS #10
I can't wait for update!!! Please update soon!!! Excellent Writer!!
143prince #11
Unnie, what about adding more ?? Hahahahaha. I'm sorry for the dirty mind. XD i am just kidding, though. Keke. Hmm.. Add some more thrilling scenes unnie. You know those scenes that will never ever make me think that your story is fanfiction. And will not let me sleep. Hehe. More ys scene and show more of his courage since I'll miss him so much. :( that's all unnie. Your ideas are already awesome! :)) goodluck for the sequel unnie! Hwaiting!