Seeing is Believing


“A library?” I asked, clutching onto my sight stick. We couldn't afford an electronic sight stick, one of those that made a sound in relative to distance, so this one was one I could just put in front of me, make sure I don't run into things.

“Yeah, I'll drop you off here while I'm at work.” My mother explained. “They have books for you, don't worry.”

I smiled, relieved to hear it. I loved books. There just weren't many I could read, most not having audio files. But when I got up to the library doors, and the clerk led to me the braille section, I was more than thrilled. I felt along the walls, smiling when I found a title that sounded interesting. I found my seat, sitting down and feeling along the pages. I could see it in my head, the gushing of the waves, the men by the sea. I loved books, because their descriptions allowed me to see, allowed me to see something.


Request by anon<3


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Scyther #1
Chapter 1: I'm rereading this for the nth time and I still love it, it's so beautiful ;;
tanhana #2
Chapter 1: so beautiful` TT bangdae~ TT
bdz357998 #3
Chapter 1: Omg this was soo sweet and yongguk was sooo sweet and everything was fluffy lol
emmataeyang #4
Chapter 1: soooo cute and lovely....i'm fangirling over this ^O^
k0j3t4 #5
Chapter 1: It just perfect. It's kinda sad but fotunately happy ending. :D
lalalananalalala #6
Chapter 1: so beautiful.. its just.. soooo beautiful ;_;
Jpd0824 #7
Chapter 1: soooo beautiful... =] sooo good =]
silklungs #8
Chapter 1: It's so beautiful!
LavenderAlisa19 #9
Chapter 1: This is truly beautiful T.T I love how Yongguk changed because of Daehyun <3 and the latter's fear of loving someone really tugged my heart.