The Male Bridesmaid Story


"when you're being bridesmaid/male bridesmaid, you'll never get your mate forever, you'll become on it forever.."

it all started when key and dara will hold a wedding party, of course, they need a pair of bridesmaid too, one is male and one is female.key recruited onew,his bestfriend and dara took amber,which is key's bestfriend too,at once onew's coveted girl.all about weeding materials have been prepared well from venue,cathering,invitation cards,except for one thing that unsolved yet :

One day,key instructed dara to stay at onew's house 2 weeks before their wedding day,of course dara disliked it, but she was forced with him, if she denied, she'd dead! key used moments for make dara and onew get closer, but...



1.Lee Jinki

-funny guy with full of sense of humor

-he's kinda clumsy because he always underestimates something, and he always gets bad luck at the last

-sweet guy?oh heck no! he's really cold about LOVE

2.Kim Kibum

-cassanova boy, which has high sense of teasing girls

-romantic boy

-beside romantic, he's truly tough

3.Sandara Park

-heartless woman who's be hated with people at her office

-she's freaking snob, that makes jinki has big revenge to her

-y girl, but no boys can , except kibum

4. You

-boyish girl who always be loved with guys, especially jinki

-she's really kind but also silencer

-and then, she has a plan to take a revenge with dara,same with jinki



"oh no! i shouldn't be his male bridesmaid! i forgot what my halmoni said! if i become the male bridesmaid, i'll be threatened that i won't ever marry a girl, i won't get MY WIFE! OK JINKI, YOU'RE TOTALLY DEAD!"

"'ll become male bridesmaid on my wedding?what a .." a girl with nice body figure shocked him when he was still regreting about his decision to be his bestfriend's bridesmaid.

"tell to your boyfriend that i quit.. i don't want to be your male bridesmaid on your wedding day.." onew stood up from his chair "oh goshh this is sooo hooott..."

"geez..i don't want to see you on my wedding day actually.." dara shouted annoyingly

"if you weren't girl, i'd like to punch you..really.." jinki angered.

"j-jinki, st-stop good for you okay.." a boyish girl, amber stopped him. she gave her bright smile to entertain him "it's ok..and i hope, don't make yourself hate dara or.."

"or what?" onew asked. their eyes met, and got closer. looked like she was ready to kiss him but..

"you guys will be falling in love.."

"EWWWW.." onew disgusted

Teaser 2.

"jinki, i think i need a help.." key sighed

"kay, what's it?" jinki asked back

"let dara stay at your apartment for 2 weeks, can you?"


teaser 3


"Opps, I'm so sorry. Did it hust you that much?" I nod as a reply, "I'll go slower then." ", you are too tight you shii" "I'll soon, wait fo me"

"asadfgh... .. yeah.. yes" I said uncontroably as I shot my juice to her womb.. It was wonderful.


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