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"Kim ______!" Sunggyu yelled suddenly, "Are you ready to party?!"


Infinite for shellshocker269. Wow, this one took much longer than it should have. I blame fancams >:( This story is supposed to take place before Infinite's Second Invasion Evolution Concert. Here's a list of fancams of their performances so you can all kinda imagine what they are doing in the story. Hope you all enjoy! ~Admin Kelc


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KisekiYuki #1
Chapter 1: alfjlkdjlfd can you write more of this? that was awesome!!
yangsinae #2
Chapter 1: totally loved it. you never fail to suprise me with your scenarios. is it for smiling or crying you nevera fail *-* THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS AMAIZINGLY BEAUTIFUL SCENARIOOOOS <3
ShawolMBLFT #3
Chapter 1: Aww how cute~
hyukari #4
Chapter 1: Amazing eeppp :3
AncientWriting #5
Chapter 1: Awww <3 Soo cute!! <3