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06 April 2011 [One-shot]


The smallest thing can trigger something big.


I'm a 10000000000000000000000% EunHae/HaeHyuk shipper who is EXTREMELY sensitive when it comes to my pairing. 'Nuff said.


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Its-Serendipity #1
ahhh one of the classics in pairings C:
Chapter 1: Love this and i hope Eunhae/Haehyuk is real XD
de_jarje #3
Chapter 1: Ok, i know am being too much to ask... Such a greedy, too pushy maybe..really... Am sorry in advance...

but, can i have this story continue?
hahahaha... I know its one shot... But still asking you that...
am sorry, its just too good to end, cause i want to know hows the story goes...

sorry sorry sorry...

its one shot...
nahyukhaegi #4
Chapter 1: awww so fluffehhhhh ;A;
love this fic soooo much<3
JungMaeRi #5
Chapter 1: aww, this is cute, i think. well, to me it is <3
MiYoung95 #6
Chapter 1: Forever EunHae!! Eun who is only gay for Hae <3
evangeline101 #7
Chapter 1: True, I can't face it if EUNHAE broke up and leave each other to lead different lives...I‘ll probably break down and cry T.T
mrsqyuchoi #8
Chapter 1: I also sensitive when it comes to EunHae being paired up with any other girls or men, other than themselves. That's how much I ship them. This one is also beautifully written by u. Oh call me idiot, but does EunHae in this story are being a couple? Or is it just Hyuk who feels the electricity but never confess the feeling to Hae?? :o
saymyname #9
Chapter 1: whoa this is really awesome
I just can't say anything because this is so realistic
I can even imagine them being like that O.O
forchenteller #10
Yeah...you write so realistic Eunhae fiction that I really can't help but believe it's real.

That last line was godly.