Who does Tae-Tae Love?

She's my Pet?
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Taeyeon unconsciously confessed his inner feelings of admiration for Tiffany last night. But the young man hasn’t even realized what he was feeling, he hasn't recognized it himslef. He still has the thought that he only take cares of Tiffany because she is his pet, his responsibility; but what he doesn’t know  and what he doesn’t acknowledge is that it is already a different kind of admiration. A different kind of love...



Taeyeon watches the television. He is currently focused on the gadget program flashed before him. His pet, in human form, has her head laid on his lap. She was in a silky nightgown that looked short on her because it was Hayeon’s after all. She is staring at her owner while he watches television. Tiffany would often caress Taeyeon’s stomach or kiss it but he doesn’t notice her at all. When Taeyeon’s eyes see technology, he would totally be too immersed in it. Well there’s another thing that captures his attention, hot women. Maybe Tiffany needs to show him a hot woman now to get him to notice her...



“Tae-Tae~” She purrs but the television volume was too loud. When Taeyeon ignored her, she proceeded to do something she knows won’t fail to get his concentration.



Her hands carefully moved to the zipper of his knee long denim shorts. She unbuttoned it and pulled down the zipper. She could now see his bulge. She then pulled the underwear down and exposed the inside. But the owner was still busy checking out the newly released games and gaming consoles on the screen. He didn’t even feel the cold air on his exposed .



“Tae-Tae!” She growled. Still no response.



“Hmph!” Tiffany opened her mouth and engulfed the rod. Taeyeon only winced a bit.



“Myong-Myong~ Stay put okay?” He patted her with his eyes not leaving the screen.



“Mmmmmmm~” Tiffany began to him. She began to . Taeyeon’s responded. She felt him harden slowly.



Taeyeon began to feel something fuzzy inside his stomach... The sensation grew. He then realized he felt something warm and wet down there... Confused with the weird feeling, he looks down.



“M-mmyongie-ah! W-w-wwhat are you doing?!” He was surprised to see his pet as though she was a baby feeding on a bottle, with so much pleasure on her face. She looked so hungry. Well, she was. She was hungry for his attention.



Tiffany looked up and smirked. She removed her mouth from his hardened .



“Finally I got your attention Tae-Tae~” She then his wet tip repeatedly. This sent multiple shivers to her owner.



“Oh oh... ” He ed out from the pleasure.



“Feels nice Tae-Tae? Oh I almost forgot about my favourite balls!” She got excited and dove for his ; it even harder.



“W-whoah! Myongie~” Taeyeon was helpless. He just put on of his hand on the back of Tiffany’s head and caressed it as she him.



“Mmmmmmm! So good!” She pulled away with a loud pop sound from her mouth departing the wet .



“Myong-Myong...” He pants as he patted her head. Tiffany smiled happily.



“Tae-Tae~ I was wondering... What do you mean by ‘love’?” She d his gently. She stared at Taeyeon affectionately.



“Uhhh... L-love?”



“Yes~ Love! You told me you love me last night...” Tiffany gives his tip a long kiss.



“R-rreally? When? Last night?”  Tiffany pouted and straddled himself on her owner. It was then that Taeyeon shivered a bit more. He felt she didn't have any on. Her soft warm flesh made contact with his hard . She put her hands on his shoulders, looking deep into his eyes.



“Yes! You forgot?!” She whined while frowning. Scared not to make her angry, Taeyeon thought fast.



“Oh! Yeah! No I didn’t forget!”



“Hmmm...” Tiffany shifted and moved. Taeyeon then felt her trying to get his in her tight hole.



“Oh my god...” Taeyeon ed out. Tiffany finally got the whole length in her.



“Well... Tae-Tae? What is love? I know it is only for humans like you...” She began to swirl her hips. Taeyeon’s eyes rolled back from the pleasure.



“Ah... Love... Is... Special...”



“And?” Tiffany eagerly waited for the next sentence. She moved her hips from side to side.



“You... Say... I... Love you... To someone... Who... You... Think is spe... Ahhhhh... Special... To you...” Taeyeon moved his hands to caress Tiffany’s sides.



“I am special? I am special to... Tae-Tae?” She halted her movement.



They both stared at each other and stayed silent. Taeyeon sighed and hugged her.



“Yes. You are very special to me.” Taeyeon didn’t know if he was just saying that to assure her or if it was the truth.



“Tae-Tae... I am not human.” Tiffany closed her eyes to enjoy her owner’s warmth and manly scent.



“Aigoo... I don’t care...” He carries her and puts her on the couch. He begins to pump himself in her .



“Ah! Ah! Tae-Tae!”







“I love you too...” Tiffany said in her mind as Taeyeon went in and out of her like a pumping machine.










. . .










Taeyeon and Seohyun were at the library. Apparently, Seohyun asked him to help with her research. They often spend time together. Taeyeon actually escapes from his friends so he could be with his hoobae crush.



The two already spent three hours doing the research together. Taeyeon sat across the table from Seohyun. He couldn’t help but stare at her while read the books. She looks so pretty with her long hair and innocent face.



“Oppa, I am almost finished. Thanks for helping me.” She looked up at Taeyeon and smiled.



“Oh! No problem! Euhehe!” He gave out a dorky grin. Seohyun just softly giggled at him.



“Hmmm... Oppa, if you are not busy, would you care to go eat with me? It’ll be on me.” Seohyun offered happily.



“Ahhh...” Taeyeon thought it would just be perfect! But... He also remembered that he left Tiffany with her collar on. He couldn’t possibly leave her alone in her human form in the apartment by herself.



“Oh. It’s okay oppa. We go maybe next time.” She smiled again.



“Euhehe~ Sorry! I forgot I still have something to do later.”



“It’s okay.”



Taeyeon then walked Seohyun home. He then headed for his apartment. While walking, he was bombarded with several thoughts.



“Hmmm... I should’ve asked her to go out with me during my free day... Oh man...”



“Aish! She’s so cute... Oh wait... I forgot to ask her number again!”



“Hmmm... She looks like an angel but...” He didn’t know it but when he thought of the word ‘angel’, Seohyun’s face did not quite register or fit the term. His brain shouted someone else’s image...



“Myong-Myong... She is way prettier than Seohyunnie...”



“Euhehehe~ And Myong-Myong’s voice is also cuter...”



“Ah! And Myong-Myong has more aegyo!”



“Euhehehe~ Myongie is so cute!” Taeyeon then became excited to go home.



“Hmmm... Myongie would probably greet me with a hug when I open the door! Just like she always does-”



“Ahhhhh!” Taeyeon was too engrossed in his thoughts that he didn’t notice that he almost stepped on a little black kitten.



“Oh... Look at this cute little fellow!” He bends down and takes a closer look at it. He d its head.






“Awwww~ But I’m sorry little one! I already have a cat at home. Bye!” He stood up and continued to his apartment.










. . .











“Hey you’re following me!!!” The little black kitten followed him till he arrived at his apartment.






“Aigoo. Well, okay. You can stay here for a while. I’ll just give you to my neighbour when I have the time. Come here!” He took the small creature in his hands. He looked at its s.



“Oh! You’re a boy! Hmmm...” He entered his apartment.






“Tae-Tae!” Tiffany ran towards him and gave him an embrace from the back.



“Hi Myongie! We have a new friend...”



“Tae-Tae~ I missed you. Hmmm? Who's that kitten?”



























“This is Kai.”













































To be continued.













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Chapter 21: Author ssi, I really appreciate it if you update this story.
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