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we are meant to be together


This story happened in concidence when family Kang Gary and Song Ji Hyo is an old friend and want them to married their only daughter and son... The conflict when without their family know that Kang Gary and Song Ji Hyo is an enemy since kendergarden... Many situation like happy,sad,angry and athers happened between them to make the marriage cancel...

Just see what would happened to them in my first fanfiction...




"Yeah, you are a crazy people that i eve met!!!i will make the marriage will not be happened!!!" Song Ji Hyo scream to KAng GAry who stand infront her.

"Yeah,crazy girl!!!do u think that i'm fall in love to you and want to get married with u??? I also dont want to married especially with u crazy girl!!!!!!!! I hate you!!!" Kang Gary also scream to Song Ji Huo taht he also not agreed with the marriage.

Song Ji Hyo hit head of Kang Gary with her finger!!! Kang GAry scream loud because it's hurt. 

"Yeah!!!Yeah!!!Yeah!!!u are really crazy girl!!!!!!"



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poisedon #1
Chapter 1: please update soon...
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update update update ! ^^ wonder what happen next ~
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update update update ! ^^ wonder what happen next ~
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SUBSCRIBED!! Please update more, authornim