How We Became As One

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Hey everyone so this bonus chapter is about the day Kyuhyun confessed his love for his lovely turtle Yesung. Read to see what Kyuhyun did to gain the love of the turtle man and how they became Kyusung and how this whole story started.

April. That is the month in the season called spring. To some people spring is a time of beginnings but for others it is just another time of despair. One such as Cho Kyuhyun. The said boy was in his room sulking. He can't stand it anymore! He needed to find a way to stop being jealous of Yesung. He didn't have the right after all. The said turtle lover didn't even know that the evil maknae has romantic feelings for him much less that Kyuhyun already thinks that Yesung belongs to him and him alone. He could just go on glaring holes on everyone's heads who gets close to Yesung but that wouldn't change anything.

Kyuhyun thought about Sungmin's advice. Sungmin told him to go and confess to the oblivious singer and Kyuhyun had opposed the idea. He is Cho Kyuhyun after all. He needs to protect his reputation. Confessing will be out of character for the evil, smart, and snarky maknae. But Kyuhyun knows there's no other choice for him if he really wants to have Yesung to himself. He must confess. And soon. Before he kills the next person who attaches himself to any part of Yesung's body. And he realizes that he might just end up killing every member except Yesung if he went that far.

Kyuhyun was still sulking when Ryeowook knocked on the door to tell him that dinner is ready. Kyuhyun didn't give any sort of answer so Wookie opened the door and walked inside.  Kyuhyun didn't even look at the other as he continued staring at the ceiling while sighing deeply.

"What's wrong, Kyuhyunie?"


"You should come out and eat, Kyu-ah."


"I made your favorite soup! So let's go before they finish it."



"....*sigh*...I don't want to eat. Leave me alone."

"?????" Ryeowook was surprised because Kyuhyun wasn't the type to refuse food specially his favorite soup. But he knows that Kyuhyun must have his reason for sulking. And only one person can change the maknae's mood when he is like that. Ryeowook took a deep breath.

"JONGWOON! JONGWOON HYUNG!!!!!" Kyuhyun suddenly looked up and tried to cover Ryeowook's mouth but it was already too late. In a matter of seconds the door of the room opened again and Yesung came. He obviously ran because he was slightly out of breath and nearly tripped on the carpet.

"What? What's wrong?"

"Kyu is sulking. He said he doesn't want to eat."

"Yah! Kim Ryeowook! Since when did you become a reporter???!!!!"

"Kyu-ah, is that true? Have you been sulking? Why don't you want to eat? Are you sick? Are you hurt? Tell hyung ok?"

Kyuhyun looked at the love of his life and couldn't help himself from falling even more for the very adorable man. Ryeowook smirked at Kyuhyun as he turned around to leave the two alone. Sungmin and Ryeowook just happened to be intimately close and they have talked about Kyuhyun's feelings for the lead singer.



"Don't make me worry, you brat. What's the problem?"

"Nothing, hyung."

"Then let's go eat if you don't have a problem."

"I don't want to."

"Why? And stop pouting. You look like you want a kiss when you pout like that."

"I do want a kiss."

"Mwo??" Yesung was surprised and blushed. Did Kyuhyun just say he wants a kiss? But there were just the two of them there....Did that mean Kyuhyun wants a kiss from him?

"Kiss me, hyung."

"Ya..Yah! Cho Kyuhyun! Is this one of your pranks again!!???"

Kyuhyun stood up abruptly from the bed which startled the other. Kyuhyun was now standing in front of Yesung, their faces merely inches from each other.

"Kiss me, hyung."

"Mwo??? Why should I do that?"

Kyuhyun's heart thumped loudly in his chest as he watched Yesung get more and more flustered. This is your chance, Cho Kyuhyun! Fighting!

Kyuhyun took another step closer to Yesung making their faces just centimeters apart.

"Because I love you Kim Jongwoon." Kyuhyun looked from Yesung's eyes to his moist pink lips already thinking how it would feel to have those tempting lips on his own. Yesung stood frozen on his feet as he tried to think if the prankster maknae was really serious. Is Kyuhyun in love with me the same way that I'm in love with him?

"Yah! Don't joke about things like that, you brat!"

"Who says I'm joking? I love you. And I know you love me too, hyung."

"Mwo? I- I don.. mpph!" Yesung didn't even finish what he was going to say as he found himself being kissed by Kyuhyun. He wanted to push the younger away but he felt like all the bones in his body turned to jelly as his knees buckled. Kyuhyun put his arms around Yesung's waist and pulled him closer. He smirked when he felt Yesung respond to the kiss and Kyuhyun could swear it was the best kiss he ever had in his entire life. They soon parted for air as their lungs screamed for oxygen.


"What's so funny?"

"You are so cute, hyung. I really like it when you are blushing like that." Yesung wanted to wipe the smirk that was on Kyuhyun's face if he didn't have to hide his red as a tomato face in the maknae's chest. Kyuhyun chuckled but kissed the top of his head making him blush even more if that was even possible.

"I love you, hyung."

"I love you too, Kyu." Yesung whispered the words into Kyuhyun's chest but the younger was still able to hear him clearly.

"I know." He chuckled once again and this time Yesung hit his chest lightly with those tiny hands Kyuhyun really adored.


"Correction. Handsome jerk."

Yesung chuckled at Kyuhyun's answer.

"Well at least you know you're a jerk. A conceited jerk."

Kyuhyun pulled away slightly and Yesung pouted at the loss of body heat that was wrapped around him before he realized what the other intended to do.

"Stop pouting, hyung. You look like you want to be kissed."

Before Yesung could say anything Kyuhyun was again kissing him and this time he immediately responded eagerly to the kiss.

Kyuhyun's stomach grumbled making Yesung chuckle.

"Now you don't have a reason to sulk anymore. Let's go eat, Kyu-ah. I'm hungry also."

Kyuhyun didn't argue this time and laced his hand with that of Yesung's as he pulled the older singer towards the door so they can go to eat.

Kyuhyun sent everyone seated around the dining table a glare as they all looked up. Donghae stood up and pulled a chair for Yesung to sit beside him. Donghae finched when he saw how deadly the glare Kyuhyun was giving him.


"What is it, Kyu?"

"I have something to tell everyone."


"Just say it and be done with it."

"Here it goes...Kim Jongwoon is now off limits to everyone. And I mean everyone! He is mine now."

"WHAT?????!!!!!" All the members shouted at Kyuhyun. They looked at Yesung but the turtle lover just lowered his head as his face turned a bright shade of red. Some of them wanted to cry and Donghae actually had tears in his eyes that were about to fall but they knew that this moment would come sooner or later. It had been obvious to them that their lead singer and the maknae had feelings for each other. There was nothing left to do but to support the new lovers.



There you have it! The bonus chapter. This is angelye btw ^^ I hope everyone enjoyed the chapter because I enjoyed writing it too. The next one will be posted soon. Please anticipate for it. <3



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themissfangirl #1
Chapter 38: I appreciate it!!!!! Lol thanks so much for writing this authornim ~

Yeye's labor pains was hilarious, lol I know how difficult must it be for our moms to actually give birth to us... Whew.. It's just really fun, the dialogues between the couple here hehehee I hate you Cho Kyuhyun, then replied with an I Love You Too.... Hahahaha! Crazy and sweet kekekeke
themissfangirl #2
Chapter 35: Kyubaby Babykyu <3
themissfangirl #3
Chapter 7: Hehehehehe YeHae goodness right there at the last part love it!!
Cenya14 #4
Chapter 40: This story is great. Great job, I really like how you incorporated the rest of SJ and showed the progression of their relationship.
Tatisol912 #5
Chapter 6: Rereading this story kekeke :p
"We have to guess this you guys"
"We know that dummy"
"Don't call me dummy"
"I just did why"
"Do you want to die"

Why does this quarrel sound like EunHae? Kekeke
Tatisol912 #6
Chapter 33: I love a frantic Kyu. Does that make me sound like a weird person?
Tatisol912 #7
Chapter 2: The song was amazing. I wanted to search for it but then I remembered...oh wait...Dang!
claymorerosa322 #8
Chapter 3: In the last line, Kyuhyun must be worried about STD instead of getting Yeye pregnant. Pretty sure Yesung didn't think he'd get knocked up as well.
kazzy_5 #9
I read this a while ago and i kept looking for it again and found it!!! I love this story so freaking much its not even funny!!!!!!!!:) 사랑함니다;)