Balloon Boy

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Yongguk takes his niece, Nari, to the amusement park and they meet the very attractive "balloon boy"...


Soooo...this :3 again, this is the fault of Maria!! (beartlaidh  ) ^^ we were looking at the matokis one day and we thought, somehow, that Himchan should be in a "bunny suit" XD BUT...that isn't very attractive, is it? XD so, we made him have just a bunny ear headband with y, all-white clothing. Oh, and he also sells balloons at an amusement park that Yongguk is taking his twin brother's five-year-old daughter, Nari, to. :D this two shot should be a lot of fluffy, cute fun!


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blueberry_muffin #1
Chapter 2: Oh. Em. Gee. Srsly. This was shoooooo adorbs!!! XD Totally going into my favs!! XD

Thanks for writing this authornim!!! It made my day a little more Banghim!! ^_^
dafujoshi #2
Chapter 2: so so so so soooo sweeeeeet my OTP <3 so fluffy too <3
OolongMilkTea #3
BangHim = true love
enough said
himbunny #4
Chapter 2: OH.MY.GOD!!! Well... I didn´t like BangHim pairing at all.. but I found this plot interesting so I decided to read it...and OMGGGGG I LOVE BANGHIM NOW!!!!! All thanks to you!!! omgggg that was so sweet, cute, hot and PFKSOG just perfect!!! Thank you for this! :3
rara_lee #5
Chapter 2: Awww , they're just ... ugh , so cute !!!!
DarkAngel21 #6
Chapter 2: Ohhhh this is sooo cute and lovely. You really created something beautiful author-nim. The way you described everything just conveyed the feelings so perfectly. It was so cute and fluffy and what i loved the most was your beautiful love making chapter. It has perfect timing, the right emotions and passion. It was not a careless f*ck. It was two people loving each other and that's what makes it so beautiful. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for writing this author-nim fighting :))))
youngjae666 #7
Chapter 2: Awwwww ^^ that's cute