❤ The facts of EXO's Breakfast couple,BaekYeol❤



BaekYeol is a couple from EXOPlanet.BaekYeol stands for Baekhyun x Chanyeol.
They are also called the ChanBaek or Breakfast couple - Due to the names Bacon and EggYeol xD
The height difference between them is cute and They are the second most shipped couple in the Exo shipping fandom,right nexr to HunHan.
Lemme tell you more about the Breakfast couple.



Park Chanyeol.
-The one that obviously tops in the relationship because of his height.Huhuhu ;--;
-Baby-faced but has a deep and low voice that killed all humans xD
-Derpiest guy in the world ever ;-;



Byun Baekhyun.
-The one that bottoms because of his petite body and his height of 174 ;-;
-The aegyo king although Sehun is the maknae lol.
-His randomness kills exotics. lol
-Acts girly and likea 5yearsold despite his age being 4times of 5 lol.



So after recieving great response for my recently started Hunhan facts, I decided to do a BaekYeol facts sharing too!Hope you guys will enjoy the facts and I will also recommend fics that i think are great and fantastic, and also share the tumblrs i visited.

So please leave a comment down the comment box if not Tao will shove his Wushu-stick up your asses ಠ___ಠ

And please support my Hunhan facts! I just started the facts 2days ago ^^  ; http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/258269/the-facts-of-the-most-shipped-couple-in-exo-hunhan-exo-luhan-sehun-hunhan-couplefacts


.....~Now let's start our BaekYeol facts adventure~....

- Eelyn


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886199 #1
Chapter 16: Awww ,, BAEKYEOL feelssss too much ... too much .... yeolliee you are so sweet >.<
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Chapter 8: dies...chanyeollieeee
acece27 #3
Chapter 63: awwwwww!!! my gosh this is too cute ma BAEKYEOL FEELS I CANT!!!!!!
acece27 #4
Chapter 55: awww!!!!!!!!!
angelfizzy #5
Chapter 65: Its obvious Chanyeol ships Beakyeol. hahah
wonder if he reads fanfiction.
angelfizzy #6
Chapter 6: hahssahaa lol is there footage for fact six??
Miimiko #7
Good!!!!!! nice nice nice nice nice
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This is very true.. I'm so glad that I found this article facts if I put it like that. ahahha :D
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this is so good ^^
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Chapter 158: that one is taken here in the Philippines right!! OHMAYGAHD! XD