Lavender (라벤더) | SM Entertaiment New Girl Group

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Posted by mishireee

5 hours ago

SM to debut new Girl Group?!


Lee Soo Man,the CEO of SM Entertaiment,who hold press conference last night,announced that he'll debuted a new girl group.

"They have talents and passion.I know they'll be rising just like their sunbae,such like SNSD and f(x)."Lee Soo Man continued.

"What's the group name?"one of the reporter said.

"The group name is....Lavender"Lee Soo Man announced.

"How about the amount of the members?"one of the reporter ask again.

Lee Soo Man smiled."They'll be the next generation of SNSD,there're 9 members.And I know they'll be shining and famous just like SNSD."Lee Soo Man continued.


There're also many netizens said,'Woah!The next generation of SNSD?!','I'm So EXCITED!XD',and 'I know they'll be beautiful and talented just like their sunbae'.

How about you?




Debut Song: --

Debut Date: October 2012 (soon)

Debut Album: Next Generation

Fanclub Name: Lavishs

Fanclub Colour: lavender  and 2ndviolet


-We will be always one and gorgeous, like lavenders



Chapter 1:Rules and Idols

Chapter 2:Application and Positions

Chapter 3:Applicant

Chapter 4:Member Profile

Chapter 5-13:Teasers/Short Chapter about Members

Chapter 14:Manager Teaser/Short Chapter

Chapter 15:Lavender's Debut

Chapter 16:Members Short Story

(I'll add it again!:D)




Thanks to babytaco for the Poster,Background,and Character Chart.You're such an awesome designer with awesome talents!:D






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ukeyra98 () says:
this was all over the internet lolol

LeviosaStar127 () says:
a LOT of people took this seriously, there are even facebook pages for this... Authornim, please indicate it in your foreword. It's confusing Y_____Y

ILoves_SeoHan () says:
Excuse me, is this true or it's just a fanfic? Plz reply me as fast as you can. Thx. :)

MaryReeds () says about chapter 4:

astralperception () says about chapter 4:
i can't believe someone took this seriously lol xD its an applyfic for heavens sake

carlacheldraqy () says about chapter 4:
lol, these girls are fake! according to rumor, yoo seungeon, kang seulgi, and yuri's cousin will be in the members of SM new group. besides, those faces aren't SM type and too much plastic. SM doesn't like plastic doll.

annisayoontaec () says:
what is mean by 'apply'?

nanalita_exolover () says about chapter 5:
Oh wait isnt baekhyun is younger since she was borned on 1990 right? Hehe No wayyy baekhyun is mine XD

Songiejung () says:
it is hoax, Do not believe the issue...

Suyoon () says:
Is that really?

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