The Secret Life Of Park Yoochun


Being a celebrity is hard enough, but try being an Idol where EVERYONE practically looks up to you. They want to know what you're doing, when you're doing it, how you're doing it and why. They wanna know who's in your life, why they're in your life and how. But it's especially hard when you're one of Korea's many big superstars. Yup, that was Park Yoochun. The Y in J Y J.

Park Yoochun is said to be one of the most handsomest and the most wanted to date idol star of the century. He's loved by many, hated by some and stalked by plenty. Yes, stalked. Ever heard of saesang fans? Those crazy stalker fan girls. Yup, Yoochun has plenty of those. Well not just him. But almost all Kpop Idol groups have stalker fans. But let's just say his fans take it to the max.

Since having mad crazy stalker fans threaten you all the time, it prevented Yoochun from publicly dating anyone. If he was seen holding hands with a girl, don't expect her to be alive the next day. If you see him going on what it appears to be a date, fans won't hesitate to track them down and spy on them on their date.

So Yoochun decided to stay public. What people, fans and the media didn't see was that Park Yoochun was already "married".

Who is she? For how long have they been on the down low? THEY HAVE A KID?

This is the secret life of Park Yoochun.





      Lee Jasmine

             ( i know she has china bangs in the picture but pretend she doesn't lol .
             i tried so hard to find a picture of an ulzzang person who didn't look so
            damn young lol . this girl is the closest to what i was imagining for this
            story so please bare with me! )

            A fun loving down to earth girl.

           Can be very tempermental

           Has a cute adorable loving son who she loves with her whole soul

           Understanding and very caring

           Tells what's on her mind and doesn't care

           Overprotective, occaisionally her motherly instincs kick in

           Outgoing and fun

           Well known songwriter and part time photographer

           "married" to Park Yoochun






Park Yoochun

Caring and loving

Very sentimental

Can be emotional

Can have a short temper

Can get jealous

Has a son who he adores and loves so much


"married" to Jasmine










    Park Yonghwa

         Son of Lee Jasmine & Park Yoochun

         Adorable and very smart

         Can speak Korean and English very well since his mom came from the States

          Loves both his parents very much

          Talks alot

          Loves all of his "Uncles"

          4 years old








The "Uncles"



 Kim Junsu & Kim Jaejoong

in JYJ with Yoochun

both love Yonghwa to death & they always spoil him












   Shim Changmin & Jung Yunho

     In TVXQ

    Both love Yonghwa alot as well but can't see him as much because of the  feud between TVXQ & JYJ











Kim Heechul

In Super Junior

Babysits Yonghwa from time to time & loves Yonghwa like his own son

One of Jasmine's closest friends















hehe , how do you guys like this so far ? its like 3 in the freaking morning & im beat :( i stayed up all night planning this story & stuff stuff . i know i still have my siwon story . im not quitting ! updates will come soon my lovers . but ive been having Yoochunnie fever yall . idk , ive always liked yoochun , scratch that , I LOVE YOOCHUN . lol but idk , i stopped obsessing over him lol






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Chapter 7: Please update soon~~~ !!! Thank You!!!!
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Chapter 7: just came across this story. hope you still plan on continuing this coz it's really good.
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Came across this story there isn't many Yoochun stories
I like this one :]
I hope you update soon!
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waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting for the update :)
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I am new reader and i thank the good lord that i found this story. Its really good so please update soon. ^^
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changmin and yunho show up
I want to know how yoochun meet her and got married
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yay , triple update
hope yoochun show up soon, and the others too
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i know ive been neglecting yoochunnie but dont worry he'll show up soon (=

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woot woot..great update..looking for more of chunnie in coming chappie..
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