B-But... You're My Boss, Kris!





. . .

P/s - Originally, I wanted to write a Taoris/Baekyeol fic, but... MAYBE NEXT ONE YEAH? :D *hint hint*


So yeah. This time, it's a 

KRIS or Mr.WuFan 

w/ Miyeol (OC)



hah. miyeol is back.  

But seriously. EXO is slowly becoming my drug :\. Not like it's a bad thing, though. 



His name makes you shudder.

His stare makes you wet your .

His voice makes you have an


What more could you ask for if you're his secretary already; Being able to sit across his office every single day, and stare at him all day long.

There was no such thing as 'over-working' in your dictionary. 


Yeap. Kris a.k.a Wu Fan, is your boss at work. 

He is the hottest guy you've ever met, and you were sure that you are having a major crush on him.

                                                                                       MAJOR. CRUSH.                                                                                            


One problem: Kris is too hot to handle. Too y to handle.

To you, Kim Miyeol, Kris is a god. 


What if things just gets hotter in the office?

Man... Things are sureeee getting interesting. ;]


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Little-Red #1
Chapter 2: WOOOO! And I love the pun on the "WE ARE ONE!" part~ XD
iamkimbianca_WG501 #2
Chapter 1: Ohyeaaah. Ya! Kris, your now again ruining my bias in EXO. Andwaeee! But... Wae so haaaawt!? ^0^
This-Human #3
Chapter 2: Lol this had me laughing Krisus great job :)
ramawati #4
Chapter 2: kris.. kris.. i want u.. :D
pringggleseu #5
Chapter 2: Oh my effin Krisus!!
ultrakpopper #6
Chapter 2: Wow that was hot lol ;)
rosesyeah #7
Chapter 2: kris just back with his blonde and it comes~ wohooo what a day xD
sxhxnnxx #8
Chapter 2: OHMAGAHD!! This is what i've been waiting for! *^* glad you've updated!! Thanks for this hot n' sizzling update! Kekekeke! XDDD