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B-But... You're My Boss, Kris!





. . .

P/s - Originally, I wanted to write a Taoris/Baekyeol fic, but... MAYBE NEXT ONE YEAH? :D *hint hint*


So yeah. This time, it's a 

KRIS or Mr.WuFan 

w/ Miyeol (OC)



hah. miyeol is back.  

But seriously. EXO is slowly becoming my drug :\. Not like it's a bad thing, though. 



His name makes you shudder.

His stare makes you wet your panties.

His voice makes you have an


What more could you ask for if you're his secretary already; Being able to sit across his office every single day, and stare at him all day long.

There was no such thing as 'over-working' in your dictionary. 


Yeap. Kris a.k.a Wu Fan, is your boss at work. 

He is the hottest guy you've ever met, and you were sure that you are having a major crush on him.

                                                                                       MAJOR. CRUSH.                                                                                            


One problem: Kris is too hot to handle. Too y to handle.

To you, Kim Miyeol, Kris is a god. 


What if things just gets hotter in the office?

Man... Things are sureeee getting interesting. ;]


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Little-Red #1
Chapter 2: WOOOO! And I love the pun on the "WE ARE ONE!" part~ XD
iamkimbianca_WG501 #2
Chapter 1: Ohyeaaah. Ya! Kris, your now again ruining my bias in EXO. Andwaeee! But... Wae so haaaawt!? ^0^
This-Human #3
Chapter 2: Lol this had me laughing Krisus great job :)
ramawati #4
Chapter 2: kris.. kris.. i want u.. :D
pringggleseu #5
Chapter 2: Oh my effin Krisus!!
ultrakpopper #6
Chapter 2: Wow that was hot lol ;)
rosesyeah #7
Chapter 2: kris just back with his blonde and it comes~ wohooo what a day xD
sxhxnnxx #8
Chapter 2: OHMAGAHD!! This is what i've been waiting for! *^* glad you've updated!! Thanks for this hot n' sizzling update! Kekekeke! XDDD