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Please Verify Your Age [M] Completed!

Trigger Warning
by Mimi_Loves
17 subscribers | 1142 views | Updated | Created
Tags   dongjun   jungheechul   kwanghee   moonjunyoung   zea   siwan   | Report Content | A A A A

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Junyoung, Dongjun, Siwan, Kwanghee


Siwan and Junyoung always go clubbing in the weekend, sometimes they go home alone and sometimes they find a guy or a girl to go home with but they never stay the night or give out their number to them it’s just a one night stand for them and nothing more.


Kwanghee and Dongjun go clubbing once a month they have heard rumors that there are two playboys who are always looking around for something new but they since they almost never go clubbing they don’t know who they are talking about or what the guys look like.


“Hyung? What’s wrong?” Dongjun asked as Kwanghee pulled him to the back of the club they were in. But Kwanghee didn’t answer him and pushed him against the wall as he looked once in Dongjun’s eyes before he started kissing him and slowly moved to his neck.


Dongjun kept struggling and tried to push Kwanghee away but he had him pinned against the wall. Dongjun didn’t know why his friend was acting like this, they were just sitting at a table talking and drinking something when Kwanghee stood up and dragged him there.


Junyoung gave a thumbs up to Heechul and walked towards Kwanghee and Dongjun, he pulled Kwanghee off of Dongjun and pushed him against the wall while glaring at him then he let him go and took Dongjun with him to one of the VIP rooms as Siwan moved in on Kwanghee and gave him a soft smile as he pulled him into one of the other VIP rooms.


What do you think?

What will happen next?

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KPOPLvr98 () says about chapter 10:
...What happened to Siwan?

anybody2you () says about chapter 10:
interesting story...LOL jokes I loved it!!!!!
lots of Sikwang<3

P_frog10 () says:

*but the baby kinda ruining the story in my opinion*

suchenfeels () says about chapter 10:
Ahh kwanghee... Can i marry siwan instead????

A-Tea-Spoon () says:
Poor Siwan... Now I feel sad for him ...
6 chapter: I was jealous
7 chapter: You can cry in my arms my friend!

A-Tea-Spoon () says:
I still love your story! xD Except the fact that Siwan is pregnant BEFORE me xD

A-Tea-Spoon () says:
Wooooow you so naaaaaaaasty *what?*
I'm in total love with your story, you're the best.

Anda-Maria () says:
I finish reading chapter 2 and i`m hope that dongjun is not going to fell asleep
update soon!!!!

Anda-Maria () says:
I love your story!!!!
i`v been looking for a fanfic with Dongjun&Junyoung like forever
update soon!<3

nurmieqa () says:

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