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Attractive point;

Straight and narrow guy. Attractive voice.


Common Busan citizen and student. Although this is embarassing, when I’m passing by, girl-students are always saying or even shouting that I’m good looking. I get always shy when this happens.

Good deeds you did so far;

At the subway station, I helped an elderly lady to carry her heavy bags. I don’t really remember. But, I’m the kind-hearted Minhyun.

Members secret;

Baekho is an heavy sleeper. He wouldn’t know if someone even kidnapped him.

Ideal type;

I never had a girlfriend, so I’m waiting for a girl to fall in love with at first sight. I believe she will appear soon.

Your secret;

I’m unexpectedly cheerful? I’m a mood-maker?

3 supernatural powers you want from god;

1. A power to turn back time, so I won’t regret things. Only to make me won’t regret. 2. A power to fly to the places when doing schedule. 3. Happy virus to make people happy.

3 things you want to reach in 2012;

Our goal is rookie award, 1st rank, conquer the world with our music.

Message to Ren;

Sorry for always making fun of you and annoying you


AN: And thats it for the chapts I lost :)


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KpopSweetart #1
Chapter 75: OMG THE PUPPY IS SO CUTE!~ either Minhyun or Ren should be holding that. No offense Baekho. But it would sell better
KpopSweetart #2
Chapter 50: Yes! I knew kevin has to be on this list! Saranghae Ren!
excitedventure #3
Chapter 124: What's JR favorite color, favorite number, and his motto?
Hyuntoki #4
Chapter 55: Aron's cooking : american style~~~XDXDXD
Hyuntoki #5
Chapter 55: Errr....u might want to change this. Baekho cannot cook so well.....Aron jjang!! *thumbs up for aron's cooking*
sarangbunny #6
Chapter 127: Thank you for writing this I love it ~! (●⌒∇⌒●)
sorrowlicher #7
SHINee45 #8
Chapter 16: I cant see rens picture ;A;
Could you give another link? ;w;
Chapter 45: I do that at school XD but with my friends.

Only if it was Ren