Kangteuk Shower


        Leeteuk was busy straitening his hair when a bang on the bathroom doer startled him. Kangin yelled from behind it.
" Hey Leeteuk hurry up! I need a shower!" Yesung called from a distance behind him
" He seriously does! He smells like Kim chi thats been left out in the sun for weeks!" 
" Shut up you!" Leeteuk giggled and unlocked the doer.
" Go ahead and take one, I still need to fix my hair and do my make up" Kangin steped inside and locked the doer behind him. 
" Hey will you plug my ipod into the speaker for me? I like to listen to music when Im showering." 
" Yes I know you play it so loud I hear it from my dorm." Leeteuk teased Kangin plugging the Ipod in a choosing a song. He scrolled down the songs finding something good. Dont don caught his eye.
" oh, Its been so long since I listened to this one!" Kangin nodded his head as the music played.
"Yeah I remember this one. Its so different from what we always do but god damn its good." Kangin unbottoned his jeans taking them off a tossing them into the laundry basket. His underwear was bright blue with a grey waistband lining his sweaty stomach. Leeteuk glanced at him and held his stare. Examining his muscles as he wriggled out of his shirt. Leeteuk felt a pull in his chest like he had suddenly gotten on a roller coaster. Kangins hair was scuffed up after taking his shirt off. Leeteuk swallowed a lump that had formed in his throat. Something about being locked in a room with Kangin was making him nervous. 
" See something you like?" Kangin said teasingly. 
" What are you saying? I was just thinking you look better without all that fat." Leeteuk combed the last strands of hair and straitened them. Kangin the water and took off his underwear revealing himself completely. Leeteuk starred hard at his reflection resisting any urge to look. He had seen all s before except for Kangin. They were never in that situation before. Focusing on brushing his teeth he searched for the toothpaste. Hardly any was left in it. Leeteuk made a mental note to buy more next time he goes to the market. The cap seemed to be glued on to the container every attempt he made to open it failed. 
" Damn it , open you stupid peace of !" 
" Oi need help?" Kangin opened the sliding shower doer. Naturally Leeteuk looked at him and saw all of him. He was dripping wet and Leeteuk could see his chest and lower half through the glass shower doer. Kangin held out his hand for the toothpaste container. Averting his eyes Leeteuk placed in his palm stepping forward. Kangin twisted the cap failing with the attempt. 
" Damn its so tight." he groaned twisting with all is might. The cap popped of squirting toothpaste all over Leeteuk.
" Oh. Ah sorry Hyung! I squeezed too hard." Kangin jumped out of the shower to help him.
" Ah its ok. But now I have to take another shower." Leeteuk wiped clumps of white out of his hair. Kangin tugged at his shirt. 
" Here just take one with me it saves time." Leeteuk felt all the blood rush to his head turning him bright red. However Kangin was pulling off his shirt and throwing it into the hamper. 
" Unbutton your pants and jump in." Leeteuk did as he was told. His breath was so unsteady his chest shacked as he moved. Finally he stepped inside the shower. The warm water clung to his skin giving him tingles up his arm. Kangin stepped in behind him sliding the shower doer shut. Taking the shampoo he pored a little in his hands and smoothed it into his hair scrubbing ruffly. Bits of soap ran down his chest and torso. Leeteuk was hypnotized by it drawing closer and closer to his crotch. his lips he looked away. 
"ah I need to rinse move over." Kangin motioned for the blond to switch places with him.
"Um how do we do this?" 
" Just move." Kangin leaned against the wall and slid sideways Leeteuk did the same. Big mistake. As they passed Kangin's crotch rubbed against Leeteuk's. A surge of electricity pumped through him making him week in the knees.
"Ah!" He grabbed his that was growing excited.
" Sorry that was a dumb idea." Kangin said rinsing the last of the shampoo out of his hair.  He rubbed the last of the water out of his eyes and opened them to a cowering Leeteuk. 
" Hyung! You ok? Are you hurt or something? Hey look at me!" Kangin shook his friend.
" D- Dont!" Leeteuk pushed away his arm and lost his balance slipping on the remaining soap. He landed under Kangin with his legs spread apart completely revealed. Kangin was kneeling over the man revealing a slightly erected . 
" leete-"
" Don't say it!" Leeteuk said ashamed of his emotions. He was by his best friend who would most likely laugh at him and humiliate him. He Struggled to get up and reached for the doer handle. Kangin was in the way and wasnt moving. 
" Kangin please move."
" No." Leeteuk looked at his partner shocked. His face was solid and serious. 
" Please move."
" No." 
"Move!" Leeteuk pushed against his chest. And was thrown against the bottom of the shower.
" Hyung you haven't washed your hair." Kangin touched Leeteuks cheek speaking softly. Reaching for the shampoo bottle his eyes never left Leeteuks. Pouring the white liquid onto his golden hair he inhaled the fresh light sent. Placing his ands on ether side of Leeteuks head he began to run his fingers through his hair. Leeteuk turned away and glared at Kangin.
" Quit mocking me! Its not my fault Im like this!
" Is that what you think Im doing?" Leeteuk was shocked to hear these words. His attention was fully on the man holding his face firmly.
" Wha-... But..." Kangin ran his fingers through his hair and pulled lightly causing a to surface from the back of his throat. 
" Im not ganna stop. Please just relax. Its ok." He half whispered with a raspy voice. Leeteuk lowered his shoulders almost in a trance with the mans sweet voice. His fingers ran through his hair, massaging his scalp and moving in slow circles pulling his hair every now and then. It felt so nice. leeteuk's eyes fluttered shut as he sunk into bliss. Kangin came closer seeing is leader in such position was making him rambunctious and . He grabbed the shower head and rinsed the soap out of the soft gleaming hair. The warm water along with the strong hand rubbing his head flew Leeteuk into heaven. Uncontrollably he tilted his head back and parted his lips. Kangin watched every move he made staring at his cherry pink lips part. His self control hit its limit. Throwing the shower head down he pushed the angel like man down to the floor pinning his arms against the walls. 
" Sorry but I reached my limit." Kangin devoured the sweet lips that had been taunting him for ever. Leeteuk threw his head back in pleasure griping the back of his head Kangin pushed his tongue inside of Leeteuk's. The taste was so sweet and alluring. Kangin pressed even harder pushing his lovers head against the wall. Breaking away he goes for the neck like a hungry wolf. Leaving a trail of kiss marks up and down Leeteuks neck he groans as his is fully erected. Leeteuk s grow loader as his s are harder and harder. Kangin didn't have to pin him down any more he had him under his control and there was no escape. Rubbing his s Kangin whispers in Leeteuks ear.
" Do you play with yourself and think of me?" He moves his hands to the torso. 
" I have wanted to touch you like this for a while you know." He was stroking Leeteuks hard making him twitch and bite his lip. 
" Say you want me." he demanded as he the head of his . Leeteuk wanted more he wanted to be devoured by Kangin. Almost as if he had lost his sanity he wrapped his legs around Kangin's shoulders and ed.
" More! Please me harder!" Kangin obeyed shoving the entire into his mouth bobbing his head up and down and rubbing his tongue against the foreskin. Leeteuk's twitched as his entrance was rubbed and pressed against. Pressing harder Kangin inserted one finger inside of his . 
" God just me!" Leeteuk harder into Kangins mouth and came. Kangin swallowed the creamy fluid and pressed his to Leeteuks entrance.
" This may hurt, but I wont hold back." ing harder he entered.
" Ah! Aaaaaahhh! Yes!" Leeteuk griped the sides of the tub and shrieked in pleasure. Kangin lifted Him up onto his lap so he could be even deeper inside of the angel. of him he climaxed inside of Leeteuk. Breathing heavily they fell to one on top of the other. 
" I love you hyung." Kangin said through breaths. Leeteuk smiled sweetly and kissed him on the cheek. 
"Never stop please." 
The others all gathered around the bathroom doer amazed by there friends. Finally Heechul broke the silence.
" Oh my god..... THEY ED!!" Hankyoung smirked and whispered in his ear
" Our turn."



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