Paradise - Infinite Collection


This is an Infinite oneshot collection full of s that I am going to write.
Each chapter is going to consist of one member and it's going to be in order. 
I'll throw in a few bonus chapters every now and then that will either be someone from another group or a or so. (: 
I'll try to update whenever I can.
Comment. Subscribe. Enjoy.


Chapter 1: Sunggyu- I Misssed You
Chapter 2: Dongwoo- In Those Jeans
Chapter 3: Woohyun- Ain't Thinkin' About You
Chapter 4: Hoya- Nothing But Lust
Chapter 5: Sungyeol- Food Fight!
Chapter 6: Myungsoo- Chores, I'd Rather You
Chapter 7: Sungjong- I'm a Man too, Noona.
Chapter 8: Bonus Chap : Jay Park - Demon 

Next set of chapters overview: 
Sunggyu - Beautiful
Dongwoo - Undecided 
Woohyun - Games 
Hoya - Undecided (maybe a song inspired one) 
Sungyeol - Undecided 
Myungsoo - Undecided 
Sungjong - Undecided 



All s are written by me unless it says otherwise :D 
Do not plagarize. 
This fic is rated for vulgar language and tons of :P

I do not own anything besides the s.
Because if I own Infinite- well, only God would know what could happen. (;

It is marked as "Complete", but I will still update and add more chapters :)

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myungbear_00 #1
Chapter 4: ! why? hoyaaaa omg i cant.. ughhhh.. thanks author-nim~
K-FiCtIoN #2
There are 10 chaps but i can only see 7...
MsUranium #3
Chapter 5: I'm laughing so hard the moment Myungsoo stepped in.. ROTFL XD
MikoScorus #4
Chapter 4: I freaking love this part XDXD
imluhanswife #5
Sungyeollo #6
Chapter 6: Aw. I want Jongie. ㅋㅋㅋ
NicaMich #7
Chapter 5: Please make a chapter about Sungjong.
sapphire92 #8
Chapter 3: i want woohyun story to continue sooo much :)