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“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday day to you, Happy Birthday dear Sehun, Happy Birthday to you” All of the EXO members were gathered in the living room clapping as Sehun blew the candles on the cake. Tonight was currently his 19th (international) birthday making him completely legal in Korea. EXO-M came back from China after their promotions for a break and to celebrate their maknae’s birthday during their stay.

“Alright Sehun you’re finally legal! So what do you want to drink first legally?” Minseok asked excitedly.

“Uhmm I don’t know…whatever you think is best hyung” the birthday boy replied. Minseok decided to make him a screw driver (orange juice mixed with alcohol) he thought that, he should start off with something light. Sehun’s hyungs gave him sips of their drinks every now and then before his birthday, so it wasn’t his first time drinking alcohol, however it would be his first time having a drink of his own.

“So what should we do now? Let’s do something fun” Luhan exclaimed. He wrapped his arm around his best friend while his other hand supported a bottle of soju.

“Ooh since Sehun is legal now, let's play a drinking game!” Chanyeol suggested excitedly.

“What drinking game do you suggest?” Kris asked. Chanyeol thought for a moment. Lay and Kyungsoo were cutting the cake into pieces for all of the members, and handing them out one by one while Suho and Minseok were handling the alcohol. Kai and Tao were sipping their drinks every now and then, still trying to get used to drinking, despite turning legal a while ago. Baekhyun was pretty regular in drinking so he didn’t have any problems, he was just scoffing down Sehun’s delicious birthday cake.

“How about I’ve Never? I played that at a party when I was in high school, it was very interesting” Kai suggested.

“I’ve never?” Chen said.

“It’s a game where you say you’ve never done something and then whoever in the circle has done it drinks” Minseok explained.

“It’s not exactly a game where one wins or loses, it’s just something that people play to find out stuff about the other players” Lay elaborated.

“Ooh sounds like fun! Let’s play it!” Baekhyun exclaimed. Kyungsoo rolled his eyes.

“C’mon guys, let Sehun decided, it’s his birthday” Kyungsoo says. Baekhyun looked at Sehun, asking him silently with his gaze.

“Sounds interesting, I mean I would like to find some dirt on my oh-so-caring-hyungs” Sehun said cheekily. Kyungsoo frowned and then shrugged.

“You heard the boy! C’mon everyone in a circle! Sehun you can start” Luhan announced. Everyone grabbed their drinks and formed a circle in the living room. The order went from Kris, Chanyeol, Suho, Lay, Luhan, Kai, Sehun, Chen, Minseok, Tao, Baekhyun and Kyungsoo.

“So what do I do again?” Sehun asked awkwardly.

“Just say something you’ve never done and then whoever has done it within the circle drinks” Minseok explained again. Sehun nodded in understanding and then took a few seconds to think of something.

“Okay well, this isn’t something I haven’t done but I just want to know who has done this” Sehun started. “Whose here had ? And s and s don’t count” he added quickly. He looked around the room and saw every single one of his hyungs took a sip. His eyes widened. “Wow…” he managed.

“Wow? What are you talking about, I’m more surprised that you had ” Luhan retored. “Actually, I’m surprised that Tao had ” he stated. Tao blushed.

“It was with my first boyfriend” Tao replied shyly.

“In China?” Lay asked. Tao nodded.

“Anyways, that one didn’t really count. Say another one” Kai said. Sehun made another thinking face.

“Wait wait! Just remember that if the person who says ‘I’ve Never…’ doesn’t see anyone drinking I mean at least be truthful so actually own up” Kyungsoo announced. “And whatever is revealed here stays between us!” he warned.

“I’m guessing you got stuff to hide hyung” Chanyeol smirked. Kyungsoo just rolled his eyes in a humorous matter.

“Uhmm…I don’t know…I can’t think of anything,” Sehun says.

“Say anything! Like, I’ve never farted so hard I shat myself!” Chanyeol exclaimed. Minseok drank. Everyone started bursting out laughing, as well as Minseok.

“Hey, hey…in my defense, I was taking a dump” Minseok jokingly clarified.

“Okay whose turn is it now?” Kris asked.

“Let’s just say the one Chanyeol said was to take Sehun’s turn, so it’d be Kai’s” Suho clarified.

“Okay….hmmm I’ve never…farted during ” as soon as Kai said that, he quickly looked around to see if anyone drank. “Oh really? Nice job guys” Kai complimented.

“Oh by the way, before I do my turn, explain if you drank okay?” Luhan said. Everyone nodded. “I’ve never…had while listening to one of our songs,” he said. Suho, Chen and Lay drank. “The three of you explain now! Lay you go first” Luhan exclaimed excitedly.

“It was just when I met up with my ex when we went back to China for promotions” Lay mentioned.

“Woah wait you had with your ex?” Kris asked. Lay just nodded casually. “Why?” he continued.

“We both needed it and I hadn’t had in like 6 months so I was like why not” Lay replied casually.

“But that still doesn’t explain as it why you were both having to one of our songs” Kris replied jokingly. “Actually don’t bother telling us, just tell us which song” he said.

“Angel, our version by the way” Chen scrunched his face.

“I can’t believe you had when I was singing” he said. Everyone chuckled.

“But you had to one of our songs too” Lay retorted.

“Yeah but I wasn’t listening to myself!” Chen replied.

“Oh dear god, you listened to the Korean songs didn’t you?” Baekhyun accused. Chen just shrugged sheepishly. “Which one?”

“What is Love” he replied. Kyungsoo shivered. “What about you Suho-hyung?”

“Same” Suho replied casually.

“Wait did you guys have with guys or chicks?” Kris asked.

“Guy” Lay and Chen said.

“Girl” Suho replied.

“Next!” Chanyeol yelled.

“I’ve never…had on the floor” Lay confessed. Kai, Suho, Minseok, Luhan, Kris & Chanyeol drank.

“Did you guys get friction burns?” Baekhyun asked. They all shook their heads no.

“Okay, my turn…uhh I’ve never…cross-dressed” said Suho. Chanyeol, Tao & Luhan drank.

“Woah when!?” Kai exclaimed.

“Modeling” Chanyeol replied.

“Costume party,” Luhan stated.

“A play at school” Tao said. Sehun just sat their in wonder on how much blackmail he has on his hyungs now. He can only hope that it gets even more interesting as the game progresses.

“Yay my turn! Okay, I’ve never…had with a girl” Chanyeol confessed. Kris, Suho, Minseok, Kai, Sehun, Chen, Baekhyun and Lay drank.

“Really? So you’ve always gone for ?” Luhan asked in surprise. Chanyeol nodded.

“Let’s just say I’d rather be in their position as opposed to be the one sticking it in” he winked. Luhan chuckled.

“Okay Kris, your turn” Suho said.

“Hmmm…I’ve never used a to e” Kris revealed. Chanyeol, Tao, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Luhan and Kyungsoo drank. “Tao! Really?” he said in surprise. Tao nodded shyly.

“I guess little panda isn’t so innocent after all,” Minseok teased. Tao turned red and buried his face into Baekhyun’s shoulder.

“My turn. I've never…had a ," Kyungsoo stated.Luhan, Chen, Lay, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Kris & Suho drank.

‘Well…this is getting very interesting’Sehun thought as he smirked.


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