Sweet Sour

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“For sure not”


“That girl”

“You call that girl….that girl….like she doesn’t have a name?”

“I don’t know her name”

“You don’t even know her name! How will you going to get marry?”

“I’ll find it”

“Maybe she is someone’s girlfriend or someone’s wife…you just want to take her like that?”

“I can pay him to leave that girl….who doesn’t want two million? Tell me?”

“Look at you….drunk, girls everywhere. She’s not for you. Let her get a better person”

“I’ll change”

“How many days? A week…A month?”

"i will change"




The sweet one it just like candy

-   nice person

-  rich but don't like to act like a rich person

-  had a cruch to sulli

The bitter just like bitter frog....

-  studies at America

-  A player


-  love kai

-    nice person.................

And there will be other character later..........







This is my first fanfic about TAELLI.I hope you guys like.So please enjoy my story.I really like TAELLI so i make story about them.if there any mistake please tell me,kay.so injoy  it <3................................................

sorry if the poster a but lacking but I hope you like it

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kriXtin25 () says:
My gas!! I'm a shipper of this couples! TaeLli and KaiLli! update soon!! :)) (I ship KaiLli more~. XD!)

cynjoe () says:
Taelli and Kailli ._. update soon.
Love Taelli <3

ilovejinri () says:
Two of my favorite couples, KaiLli and TaeLli!!!
Update soon!!!

lynsa23 () says:
I hope this is taelli story

epeuekseu () says:
TaeLli and KaiLli <3

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