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It Hurts


Kris never meant to hurt the love of his life. Kris never meant to force her hand. It was all just a mistake.


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lolo659 #1
Chapter 1: That was sad!! :( But it was good.
ParkRinLee #2
so sad... but nice oneshot~! ^^
iamshainekawaii #3
Ouh .! I was actually crying while reading this . It's .so sad . It broke my heart . Why does it have to end like that but it's great of you to write something like this Author
MrsInfinitelySimple #4
this broke my heart soo much . why ? why ?
Ilovekpopforever #5
OMG! scary but good!
pandagirl753 #6
KrisRollLikeABuffalo #7
WOW that was intense and so~ good
I love how well written it was.
michye0ga #8
That was very intense, and so good.
TaBbZIe #9
This was really well written, Have you thought about making it a longer story? I'd really like to read more...But it is still amazing as a oneshot :)