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Jaejoong is the seoul's most sought bachelor, the sole heir of Kim Investment Intl. You are Jeong Yoonji, an ordinary girl that fell in love with jaejoong since you were a kid. Now that he turns to look at you, hold you, and use you without any string attach or proof that you can claim him yours, what you'll gonna do? How long can you take this kind of relationship when he is UNOFFICIALLY YOURS. . . Hello, am a tvxq fanatic too, and i tried to make a ff for jaejoong and that includes yunho, too. please read, subscribe and leave me some comment, i hope you will like my story. And am just using a handphone so please bare with the short chapters. Thank you.


characters: kim jaejoong, very goodlooking man, filthy rich, 26 years old.     ---------    jeong yoonji, pretty, ordinary girl, sweet, 23 years old -------------- jung yunho, very goodlooking, rich, 26 years old


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woohyun_hoya #1
Jae, please don't suffer anymore and I know yunho will help you talk to your, love how you update 10 chapters in a day!! Daebak!! Update soon
_DyNaR_ #2
Just tell ur grandpa jae..i thik he would understand what do u feel^^
lorenzsky22 #3
this story is very nice...pls keep it up. waiting now for the next update.
_DyNaR_ #4
Ow..when jae tells everybody that he loves yoonji?
Thanks for update^^
-LjoeMyungJae- #5
,,ohn my god... update soon author nim... kya!! Jae is so AWESOME!
woohyun_hoya #6
Seems like Jae is harsh yet caring..hehe he has mood swings but he's still caring for her
lovechocolate #7
author nim, i have a question: Why is jae being so harsh to yoonji?? i know that he took the suitcases from her and he is still nice but it was in a harsh manner
Yoomi_9 #8
Jae's authority ★
i expecting Yunho to be the rival. Hahhahahah~
woohyun_hoya #9
Awww seems like Jae really want yoonji to stay closer to her hehe update soon
_DyNaR_ #10
aishh..yoonji yah..just run away with him..
so both of you can live happily..hehehe
ow..another trouble comes..:@