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Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu's lives were falling apart. They were evicted ...

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The following is a story that was originally intended to be pwp (-without-plot). Because of the dire need to add a storyline and to reach an ending on my part, I have added some plot in later chapters. Be ...

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tsubakisworld #1
Chapter 24: Pls update soon author nim and save our little Su T^T
glambert #2
Chapter 24: Plzzzzzz update soon I'm literally dying without this story and plzzzzzz end it with yunjae I
JuwitaWijayanti #3
Chapter 24: Author-nim, please ends this story with Yunjae~ Pretty please~~~~
OtakuJKpopLover #4
Chapter 24: Nooooo! Suieeeee! TT__TT gosh I can't help but tear up because of this... Please Yunnie! Save Suieee!

Authornim! Update soon :)
14JKSor3KHJ #5
Shinhwavee, I just followed your tumblr - rormypond. Also, I'm missing these characters a lot. I know that life happens, muse happens as it happens, and just let's not do stuff right now but indulge in our own stuff happens.

BUT could you like play some music? Watch some fancams? Some variety? Whatever gets you into the mood for these guys story. I'm really interested in knowing where they are going and how they'll gain confidence as individuals to combat the struggles that their lives. I'm just needing Junsu to heal or find help, something.

*but let's talk like I know your human*

So, how's things?



How's the weather?

Like Fall...?

Hmm, true.





Okay then.

Pip-pip and cheerio deary. Until next time.
mysara #6
I hope you are doing just fine.
I'm really wondering whether the fic is going to be completed or not?

Well, since that fic has been updated since 2013, I hope that you can reply to my curious question.
Thank you and hope you have a nice day.
AnVocNighMa #7
Chapter 1: Haha. A devil has arrived. Finally got time to read more like courage...hehe.
14JKSor3KHJ #8
Chapter 24: This fic was not supposed to tug my heart. It was to be a pwp fic that I could just read for mindless *delicate cough* reasons. Now I'm hooked and wanting Yunjae to just stop and see that Junsu is not behaving like himself. I feel like it would take Junjin to see what Yunho can't.

Crap usually gets worst before it gets better. But seriously, how much must they smell like smex that Yunho didn't notice when Junsu came back from the 5th floor?

No matter what Yunho is always cast as-the-last to see the truth in AFF's. Babo.
14JKSor3KHJ #9
Chapter 23: Are you fraking kidding me author-nim? Sisu angst? Junsu is too too too grrrrr. Yunho, save him?