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Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu's lives were falling apart. They were evicted from their apartment and they couldn't get a job. Once they were out on the streets, Jung Yunho, probably the most powerful man in all of Korea came into their lives and helped them out.

But of course, it wasn't for free.


The following is a story that was originally intended to be pwp (-without-plot). Because of the dire need to add a storyline and to reach an ending on my part, I have added some plot in later chapters. Be warned that NEARLY ALL CHAPTERS CONTAIN . I strictly advise that if you are not comfortable with threesomes or with Master/Slave relationships, you have come to the wrong place. All material is fictional. Any resemblance to any other story is purely coincidental.
If you are underage, please be advised that I will not take responsibility for what you are about to read. 
You have been warned.
>>Please do not bash me or each other. We are all here for the same purpose, and that is for Yunjaesu . If you do not like, please do not read. Thank you.<<


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haqitazuya 0 points #1
Chapter 24: I know this is super random cause it's been such a long time but when will you continue with this story?
blackqueenkai #2
Update soon n.n
Kathynka #3
Ok I was looking for some master/slave yunjae fanfic for almost e week by I'm super happy to find this! :D
blackqueenkai #4
Chapter 24: The story got so many many many things until now is not told like whats with vee? And siwon what is his plan? And what will happen to junsu if yunho will knew about him touch by amaze that jae really is a rebellious type he often to disobey yunho's orders like that....update soon if you have time author-san
blackqueenkai #5
Chapter 21: I can say jae is still in his normal way if thinking he was not in a total submission with yunho jae is more emotional while junsu
Is the submissive one....yeah i really think siwon is something?
blackqueenkai #6
Chapter 20: So this vee person is bad? I got a feeling siwon is like a spy or something and possible connected with vee...damn jaejoong
You let siwon kiss you on the cheek in front of yunho???? seriously????????^ LOL
blackqueenkai #7
Chapter 19: So be it LOL
blackqueenkai #8
Chapter 18: I love you author-san because you made yunho as a man with heart <3