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The meaning of mysterious


Title:The meaning of mysterious.
Characters:Super Junior.No pairings.
Summary:Super Junior moved to a new dorm due to lack of space in the previous dorm,having need to split into two dorms.The new dorm is much,much larger that all 13 of them can have one room for themselves.But there seems to be something off,that they just can't put a finger on.
Warning:Possible grammar/vocab. mistakes and possible bad English.
Note:Mystery six kind of inspired me to write this story and that's why the story is slightly similar.This is just for fun,so I hope you like it!



"I-I nearly killed Hae.I'm sorry.I j-just didn't know what I was doing.I was in my room and the next second I was about to k-kill..Hae.."

                                      "G-go away from me!I'm a killer!"

                         "Hyung,let go of me!"


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oceandiamond #1
Chapter 37: Hi this is nice story.How long areyou going to take to update I hope it not too long.Plz write more about eunhae.*-*
mikaella_suju #2
Chapter 37: Please update about kyuhyun I really need to know please update your story as fast as you can !!
seoyuna #3
Chapter 37: what happen to the updates? please update
marianlopez #4
Chapter 37: please update longer author-nim, i am really keeping an eye on your updates :D please show kyuhyun on the next chapter :) thank you !
marianlopez #5
Chapter 36: please update soon :))
marianlopez #6
Chapter 36: please update soon :))
Putrimuzahar #7
Chapter 31: Chapter 35: Author-nim, please update. Im begging you.. I love ur fanfic! Btw, write more about EunHae in this fanfc & Happy New Year 2015 Author- nim ^^
my83lines_ #8
Chapter 35: please I want to know more about teukchul's part ^^
bella0203 #9
Chapter 35: too short :(
update soon
ainkyu #10
Chapter 35: what about kyu?