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If you guys notice anything that says 'Moon' please inform me about it! I feel kinda stupid for making that mistake earlier x3 Thank you pandaholicX for pointing it out! <3


After a few hours of the plane ride,you finally set foot to the grounds of Seoul.The wind was breezy and it wasn't cold or warm,just perfect,the view from up above was amazing.As if humans transformed into ants who were busy wandering the streets of Korea.

Siwon patted your shoulder and gave you a smile,"C'mon we have to sort out our stuff and your school." You nodded and breathed in the fresh air.With a lighter feeling you headed inside the building,Eunhyuk opened the door to a new apartment.

The apartment was filled with white furniture,classy glass tables and chairs,and marbled flooring.It was identical to your room back in Australia,with a grin you headed to your new room and the smell of new furniture filled your nose.You beamed as you opened the door to your room,it was purple and other pastel colors,just as you like.Your computer was set up and your mini-fridge was stacked up.

Eunhyuk barged inside and plopped down on your bed.

"It smells of Chanel!" He sniffed your duvet.You smiled and giggled,"I thought oppa didn't like chanel?" Eunhyuk raised an eyebrow and pointed to himself,"I use chanel!Gosh Haemin! It's Siwon who hates chanel!" He frowned and crossed his arms,"We ain't identical or anything so why you getting us mixed up?"

You shrugged and giggled more as Siwon gave you a back hug,"Yeah baby~ How can someone like me look identical to an anchovy?" He teased. "Ya!You speak as if your THAT handsome!" Eunhyuk retorted.Siwon puffed up his chess and smirked,"I am compared to you!"

Laughter filled your room as the two argued.After a few minutes the two brothers left your room,"Baby girl~ Your school stuff is inside the box inside your closet~" Eunhyuk patted your head making you pout as you tried to fix your hair,"I hope you like the bag I bought~" He grinned before leaving.

From outside,Eunhyuk and Siwon could be heard arguing.They always do.You chuckled and opened the window to your room,your balcony had black railings and fairy lights to match them.You breathed in the light breezes of Seoul and smile,"It's been so long since I've set foot to this country." You lightly smiled as you closed your eyes remeniscing the moments with your mother.

The last time you visited Korea was when you were 3.You were naive and knew nothing about the troubles your family was facing.It was your birthday and your mom was fixing your hair when a sniper aimed for her and shot her straight at the head.Since then,you were scared to go back but you learnt to let go of your fears once you got into the family business.

A great mathematician like you came into use,you were accurate with everything.Time,speed and mass were your friends.You helped your family side win but you avoided going into the battlefield yourself as you detested violence.As much as you hated whatever your job was in the family business,you loved seeing the proud smile of your father and brothers whenever you helped them gain victory.

You opened your eyes and smiled once more before going back to your room.Since everything was squeaky clean and properly in place,you decided to fix your school necessities.As usual,Eunhyuk bought you a backpack whilst Siwon bought you a fancy messenger bag.Your books were neatly piled up inside the box,your brothers never forgot to buy a math set,they knew you the best when it comes to things you need and want.

After checking all of your school necessities,you stuffed them carefully inside the backpack Eunhyuk bought.You hung the messenger bag carefully on your bag-rack which was full of designer bags.With a contented smile,you headed inside your own bathroom and took a long relaxing hot shower.

Meanwhile in Weongyu prestigous Highschool for elites,girls were squealing loudly as a group of 5 boys entered the school corridor.They cooly walked and seperated into different paths,Baekho excitedly went to the school canteen,Ren headed to arts and media block along with Aron,whilst JR and Minhyun walked to their lockers.

"What the hell is this?" Minhyun arched his eyebrow as a pile of mixed love letters streamed down from his lockers to his feet.JR lowly chuckled and smirked,"What you get for boasting too much."

JR slammed his locker and ignored the box of chocolates left for him,he wasn't intending to accept the girls' feelings but instead he always filled his stomach with the chocolates they gave him.Although,JR could be cold and mysterious towards others to his closest group of friends he was a nice,calming hyung who simply hated boasting his riches.

"Well done for stating the obvious." Minhyun scoffed as he slammed his locker shut and walked side by side with JR.

He smirked as the girls squealed and tried to start a conversation with them whilst JR simply ignored the desperate students and went inside his and Minhyun's homeroom. Without a word they both sat down to their usual seats,Minhyun took out his biology book and started skimming through the facts he probably knew already.Jr,on the other hand,spaced out staring outside the window.

The bell chimed loudly signalling the students to come inside their homeroom classes already.Murmurs from students was heard as boys and girls piled in the classroom.The door slid open revealing Mr.Choi,he smartly shifted his glasses up and placed his objects down on the teacher's desk.

"Stand up." Yoonjae,The class president ordered,everyone did so except the two,"Bow." Yoonjae commanded."mr Hwang and Mr kim," Mr Choi eyed the two,"Care to explain why you're not showing some respect?" He continued. Minhyun smirked and looked from JR to Mr Choi,"Sir,no offence but why must we show respect to you when you don't show a hint of respect to us students?" Minhyun darted.

JR let Minhyun do all the talking whilst he just spaced out.He didn't give a damn wether he get suspended,atleast he already has a decent job laid out for him in the future,same goes to Minhyun.

Mr Choi detested arguements,especially with the duo.Before he lost his own game and hurt his pride,Mr Choi cleared his throat and gave them both a detention."Hwang Minhyun,since you want some reputation.I'll let you handle our transfer tomorrow with JR.I'm sure you'll gain a hint of respect from me once I know you're both worthy of taking good care of other fellow students," Mr choi smirked slyly as Minhyun sighed,"You know the drill! It's like raising a child.Teach her everything she needs to know and you get credit!"

Unknown to them,they will be handling you.


Nu'est's Minhyun and JR's first apperance~ How was it? ^~^

For those who STILL doesn't know who Minhyun or JR you go:




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Please update soon I want to know what happens next!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!
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update soon please i'm excited to see what will happen next!!
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wow~~~ I'm excited for them to get to KOREA!! :) Then the story can REALLY start! Good intro though~~

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