Exo Oneshots Compilation


As the title says, a buch of Exo oneshots.


So, I'm been writing a buch of Exo oneshots lately, and I decided to put it all in one story, because it's really bothersome, not only to me, but to my subscribers, to be creating new stories everytime.

I'll be posting all the new ones here, but I wont repost the ones I've already done, I'll just give a link to them.

I'll keep a list here in the foreword of the pairings I've already done, and in what chapter they are, so it'll be easier for people who are looking for something specific. I believe that in Exo, you can pair everyone with everyone, everything is possible, and I'm trying to prove that, so I'll try to make as many different pairings as I can (but of course, there'll be some repeated, because I have favorites too *3*. Though they change from time to time >.<')

  • List:

D.O X Kai : "You Don't Want Me To?"

D.O X Kai : After Match (Sequel to > "You Don't Want Me To?")

Suho X Se Hun : "Do You Smell That?"

Baekhyun X Chanyeol : Offer

Kris X Tao : "How About Me?"

Kai X Se Hun : A Game For When You're Bored

Kris X Chanyeol : Chapter 1

Xiumin X Tao : Chapter 2

Lu Han X Se Hun : Chapter 3

Lu Han X Kai : Chapter 5

Lay X Chen : Chapter 6

Baekhyun X Chanyeol : Chapter 7

D.O X Kai (sequel to After Match) : Chapter 8

Baekhyun X Se Hun : Chapter 9

Lu Han X Suho : Chapter 10

Baekhyun X D.O : Chapter 12

Suho X Kai : Chapter 13

Lu Han X Lay : Chapter 14

Kris X Baekhyun : Chapter 15

Suho X Baekhyun : Chapter 16

Baekhyun X Tao : Chapter 18

Luhan X Baekhyun : Chapter 19

Tao X Sehun : Chapter 20

You can always suggest a pairing you like in the comments. If you're lucky enough, you might just inspire me to write about them XD (Do understand that I do not take requests. You may or may not inspire me. I'm easily inspired though ^^)


20 gone 46 to go.

  • Currently working on:

Xiumin X Luhan

Xiumin X Lay

Kris X D.O

Chen X Baekhyun

Suho X D.O

and many more!


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Sweet_Joongie #2
Wah, can you make more SeKai, please?
Faustine11 #3
Chapter 20: Please update
love_fic_kush #4
Xuimin x chanyeol plzzzzzzz :| < puppy dog eyes.
Faustine11 #5
Chapter 19: make a story about sekai my two bias >_<
mentirinha #6
Chapter 19: Hunhan is my favorite couple <3 I don't know if this was inspiring though. Looking forward to updates ^^
Inspirit2487 #7
Chapter 6: Chen is so adorable ^.^
hottest #8
Chapter 19: OMG OMG lubaek <3
TheNameIsSameeEXO #9
Chapter 19: LuBaek bebe!!!! Omg this is sooooo aaaaah I can't find any words. And Luhan's straightforwardness is such a turn on hahaha
zephyr_breeze #10
Chapter 19: I wondered what's the next couple and here they were, LuBaek!
Since Luhan taught Baekhyun to rightly pronounce Chinese lyrics in EXO's showtime, I happen to ship this couple. So, I'm so happy now. lol.
That's nice Luhan didn't make Baekhyun more embarrassed but inviting him instead. Needless to say, that's hot!
Thanks for the fiction.