Case #8: A Piece Of Hell Part 1: Released Hell

SHINee Holmes: The Five Supernatural (And Super Beautiful) Detectives
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~Onew's POV~

We were in a storage basement inside an abandoned burned building. My Luna is healing two vampires, JongKey and 2min were inspecting the building, and I'm talking to G.O., the one that brought us here.

"Let me get this straight...Your maknae was was having with his boyfriend and then suddenly they bursted into flames, followed by the whole building?"

"Ne, Onew-sshi."

"Only a demon could such thing. Seungho is your leader right?"

"Ne. He's the one that first went for Mir. He then went on fire. Thunder went to help, but he got hurt himself."

I looked at the two vampires. Hell fire is something very dangerous. It doesn't hurt vampire physically, but it tortures the mind so much that, eventually, the vampire would get burns, wounds and bruises. The two hurt vampires stirred and woke up.

"Err...nugu? O-onew?"

"Seungho, how are you?"

"A bit hurt..."

"How about you Thunder?"

Thunder just nodded. G.O. went near him and caressed his face. Seungho stood up, helped by Luna, and talked to me.

"Oh, gomawo...?"

"She's my Luna, Seungho...Now tell me about Mir."

"Ah right. A few days ago, Mir came home and intoduced Lee Joon. I can't tell what he really was. He is nice and kind."

G.O. helped Thunder stand up and he continued the story.

"Last night, Mir and Lee Joon were having an arguement. Couples usually have that, so we didn't mind. Their fights usually end up having and us going out not to hear them But while we were going out, the room went on fire. Seungho noticed quickly that it was Hell fire and he entered, thinking of our maknae. He didn't come out after ten seconds, so I made a run for you while Thunder entered the room."

I finished the story.

"And then we find Thunder and Seungho unconcious on the room with the Hell fire nearly eating the building."

My Luna then said:

"Good thing you know how to control Hell fire, my oppa."

I smiled and held my Luna by the hand.

"Your oppa is 950 years old. I have been in hell too and I learned how to control hell fire."

All of them looked at me. I just smiled. Just then, the two couples went down. Jonghyun then spoke.

"This demon is a new one. Either he just went out from down below, or he's repressing his demonic side but the released it."

Seungho then said:

"But Mir and Lee Joon almost have everyday, fighting or not."

Minho cut in.

"I think the emotions in the triggered the demon inside him. We have to find them. Lee Joon will have difficulty in hiding. I think they , and only realized the fire when they were done."

I nodded and said:

"We must find them. Seungho, give us scents and--"

Key raised his hand and said:

"Andue, we don't need the scent. Can somebody fix the burnt radio immediately?"

Minho pointed his finger at the radio and it instantly looked like brand new. The radio turned itself on and the news is currently on.

The police are on pursuit of two vampires, one of which is burning what it seems to be Hell Fire. They were last seen in the mountains...

I quickly said:

"JongKey, 2min, Seungho, Thunder, G.O., find them."


~Luna's POV~

"Where are we going, my oppa?"

"The Underworld, my Luna."

"Can I go there?"

"Lee Sooman would let anyone with me there. He'll loose his job if he doesn't allow you there."

"Ah...Is Lee Sooman the King of the Underworld?"

"Andue, although he would do good. The King of Hell is someone I'll not let you meet my Luna. Oh, we're here."

My Onew-oppa led me into a big cave at the edge of the forest. Just then, an old man wearing formal clothes wet out.


"Sooman-sajangnim. Have you brought it?"

"Of course. The Boss would want--"

"He would have to bargain back to me, sajangnim."

Sooman-sajangnim just shrugged and went back to the cave. I gave a curious look at my Onew-oppa. He just smiled his smile and said:

"I have been in touch with the Underworld for many centuries, my Luna. If I would be sent to hell, I would gladly remove 'The Boss' to make the Underworld a better place. Anyway, now we have what we need."

"My oppa, we need a necklace?"

"A necklace from hell would help us a lot."

We heard a roar from the cave.

"Let's go my Luna."


~Jonghyun's POV~

key and I have been going around the west area of the forest, near the Underworld entrance. we figured out that Lee Joon might go near here. We saw some burned trees, but no sign of a burning demon. We stopped for a while. I asked Key.

"No sign yet, yeobo?"

"No. Come to think of it, no scent of a demon...Shouldn't their scent be strong?"

"You're right. when we chase demons before, their scents are overwhelming."

"Ne, yeobo. So now, why...?"

While thinking, a young man bumped into us.

"Help me please!"

"What is it?"

"Our house in on fire!"

We didn't stir. No one lives in the forest. Key grabbed him in the neck.

"You want us to give you Hell fire, you goblin?"

I snarled and said:

"You may have seen the demon. Where is he?"

"He's not a demon! He's a vampire cursed with Hell fire!"


~Key's POV~

"Cursed. With. Hell fire?"

"Yeobo, don't kill him!"

I released the goblin. Jjongie looked at my eye.

"If he is cursed with Hell fire, we must go look for him. Now."

We ran again. Why am I angry with that? My biological parents were killed that way. I swore to Onew-hyung that no one will suffer the same way. We ran some more but still no sign of the demon, only burns of Hell fire. Where is he? Just then, we bumped into someone.

"Oh! Key and Jonghyun of SHINee?"

"Ne. Nugu?"

"I'm Mir. You have to help me!"


~Minho's POV~

Taemin and I remained in the center of the forest. Apparently, goblins are running wild to get a hand of Hell fire. The question is, if Mir was having with Lee Joon when the fire bursted, is he cursed with Hell fire? Someone cursed with that...Let's not go to that. Taemin then grabbed my hand.

"Someone's approaching oppa."

Suddenly, Jonghyun-hyung jumped in front of us. 

"Minho, we found Lee Joon. We need you there. Taemin, would come with me? We need to find Onew-hyung?"

We nodded. I followed the scent Jonghyun-hyung gave me and quickly I went to find them. I foud them on the beach. Key, Seungho-hyung, G.O.-hyung and Thunder, and Mir were there with a burning man. I asked Key.

"Is he Lee Joon?"

"Ne. He's a little weird. He is no a vampire nor a demon. The scent confirms it. He's"

I read Lee Joon's mind. It seems that...Oh no.


~Taemin's POV~


"Taemin! Jonghyun! Have you found Lee Joon and Mir?"

"Ne, hyung but something is not...right. We guess that Lee joon is a Hell fire that turned human form."

I looked at Jonghyun-hyung. How is that possible? Luna asked Jonghyun-hyung.

"How can that be? Are you sure?"

"Ne, Luna. He doesn't smell human, vampire, or demon."

Onew-hyung then answered. He showed his hand.

"You see this? This the Necklace of the Underworld. This gives us the power to bargain for a soul. I already have a hunch of what Jonghyun has said."

I asked Onew-hyung.

"How Onew-hyung?"




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