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Kim Sunggyu

Name: Kim Sunggyu

Date of birth: April 28, 1989

Position: Main vocal, Leader of Infinite

1| Sunggyu’s favourite Japanese celebrity is Aoi Yu.

2| If Sungjong could be anyone for a day, he’d want to either be Sunggyu or Woollim’s CEO.

3| The Song that Sunggyu wants to sing to his girlfriend (if he had one) is Clazziquai’s “She is”.
He wants to sing it together with her.

4| He learned the Scorpion Dance the quickest despite his age.

5| There was a while during their trainee days where Hoya, Sungjong and Sunggyu lived in their CEO’s house.

6| According to Sunggyu, Woohyun is a ‘noona killer’.

7| He has no sleeping habits.

8| Sunggyu used to not like Woohyun to the extent where Hoya recalls one time when Sunggyu said that if weren’t for the fact that Woohyun was in his team/group, he’d never see him again.

9| On rainy days before they debuted, Hoya and Sunggyu used to eat their lunch under the small jungle gym in the playground, and one time, a kid walked past, pointed at them and called them “beggars”.

10| Sunggyu wanted to be either a philosophy or ethics teacher when he was younger.

11| Sunggyu wants to try being a DJ at a club.

12| Sunggyu envies Sungjong the most out of the members, because of his age.

13| Sunggyu listed Soya as the celebrity closest to his ideal type.

14| Sunggyu’s currently into online shopping.

15| Sungjong is most thankful for Hoya and Sunggyu for helping him through his rough times.

16| Sunggyu’s favorite song to sing at karaoke is Taeyang’s ‘I Need a Girl’.

17| Sunggyu and Sungjong both dislike beans.

18| Sunggyu enjoys sleeping to the point where he can sleep the whole day away.

19| Sunggyu, Hoya, Sungyeol and Sungjong all have pictures of themselves as their phone wallpaper.

20| Sunggyu listed his eyes as their complex.

21| Sunggyu thinks his (eyes) are too small.

22| The body part Sunggyu has the most confidence in is his hands.

23| Sunggyu is known as the ‘folder leader’ because of the way he bows 90 degrees everytime he greets someone.

24| He once went around to all the waiting rooms of their seniors at a radio show just to say hello.

25| Sunggyu and Woohyun both chose ‘Hysterie’ as their favorite song so far.

26| The members play with the board games sent to them by fans.

27| The members all share the same socks.

28| Sunggyu: Because there are a lot of members, there’s no reason to be picky.

29| Sunggyu’s ultimate goal is to be a musician until he dies.

30| Sunggyu’s nickname is ‘Grandpa’ because he’s always so tired.

31| Sunggyu has never thought of anything else but being a singer.

32| Sunggyu was in the school band named 'Beat' at Jeonju National University High School. 

33| He has a very unique voice and made every girl want to be that mic stand during his solo, Because.

34| Also known as hamstergyu because of resemblance with hamsters because they’re so cute.

35| His neutral face appears as if he's bored/mad/upset/spacing-out/tired.

36| He's very quiet.

37| His neutral face appears as if he's bored/mad/upset/spacing-out/tired.

38| He has uniquely small eyes.

39| He resembles a hamster, especially when he laughs.

40| Sunggyu's very attentive.

41| He has one solo song, Because.

42| Featured in Epik High's Run MV /he was playing the guitar...?

43| Sunggyu has sensitive skin.

44| Sunggyu carries a lot of medicine.

45| Sunggyu have a drawer filled with medicine.

46| He drinks Soju, when he's stressed.

47| His blood type is A.

48| His western zodiac is Taurus.

49| Sunggyu is: conservative, patient, introverted, reserved, perfectionist and strict.

50| He studied Chinese for five years.

Happy Birthday Leader Gyu :D

Posters/GIFs used in this chapter are clearly not mine.

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