Frog Prince


Choi Minho is the CEO of a large hotel chain called ECHO. He is the stereotypical heir: spoiled, cold-hearted, and ruthless. He meets Lee Taemin. A sweet, hard-working, poor son of a owner of a run-down inn. They meet, and things don't go exactly as planned.


New series that I created. I tried my hardest to make this so I hope you guys will enjoy it :) Just a heads up, Key is going to be a complete in this story. I'm sorry. *bows* I have nothing against Key I think he's awesome but in this story he's going to be a evil LOL Don't worry you'll still love him in the end. Until then, I'll see you at the end of each new chapter. ENJOY~


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yinyin_shawol #2
CheshireFantasy #3
Chapter 14: Gah, this story is one of the best >__< I really wonder what will happen once he gets his memory back!
hello-kitty #4
Chapter 14: Awww! How cute. I am happy they are cuddled together~ <3
LotusFleurDeSakura19 #5
Chapter 14: Their relationship was not rushed at all... I've been waiting on this to happen for a while now :D Yaaaaay 2min!!! Thanks for updating, I really missed this story. I'm looking forward to how they develop but my only question is... which one of them said "I love you"??
Potterhead4Life #6
Chapter 13: I am cry ;~; update. please.
twomint #7
Chapter 13: New reader here^^ Jinki is such a jerk here :<
jimenew #8
omo. fighting guys!!>< you need
to save the hotel!!
and poor key ;3; and jjong
animaeholic #9
Yes. I missed you a lot!
I just hope it's you he is concerned about babyTaem. Don't get your hopes up too much it might break you after.
VeniceTaeminnie #10
Aaaw. Hwaiting you two
KPOPLvr98 #11
AHHHHHHHH!!!! Hiatus!! Okay,okay... I'll calm down... I promise I'll stay your reader till the end. Unnie hwaiting!!!!!!