Treat You Right


Sungmin just broke up with his boyfriend.  Kangin came up and asked to be in a relationship and showed Sungmin how to be treated right.


Thanks to 2pmfan from Kiss Of A Sinner Graphic Shop for the poster and background~ <3


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sjmunchkin #2
Chapter 1: Sweet kanginnie, me likey kkkk....
_mary101 #3
Chapter 1: Read again and... "aaaaah... kangin so sweet and gentleman!!!" ;;;A;;;
beautiful story! :33
54n81r1 #4
Chapter 1: Kangin was sweet!! i love what Minnie said at the end about being very much in love and happy with his boyfriend now XD
mzjonghyun #5
Chapter 1: awww too cute
hmwlove #6
Chapter 1: Here, another comment from me! Heh this was also cute! Kangmin~~~
NomNomNom #7
Chapter 1: Can I please slap your Sungmin for being to cute?! He's so perfect -__- it makes me wanna smother him
TheMoron #8
Chapter 1: Awww... So nice, cute, fluffy... :) I liked it! Just, it's a pity it was so short. T_T
HimsenChanChan #9
I'm always reading this story when I feel sad.
KangIn is really an awsome guy but most of fanfiction make him be a bad boy...
Last days I can see more and more KangMin moments^^
it makae me feel happy as well :)
I just feel like write it here xD sorry:p ^^
universallove #10
so sweet.. :3
Eunmai #11
d'aaw, very cute!