please love me again..

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Yoo Seung ho, Park Jiyeon, IU, Park Shin Hye, Shim Changmin, Jung Yong Hwa


I really love these couples from God of Study and the music video (Lies) by T-ara! I've known Yoo Seung Ho from his old drama call "Love letter" here's the synopsis!


Yoo Seung Ho came from a rich family and he is a kingta, he may be dumb in school but he's very smart in his own ways. He's always careless to his enemies but he's very kind and sweet to those who he loves. An small accident (not car crash or anything) appear when he met a young girl name Park Jiyeon. She was a hardworking girl who comes from a poor family, she has a sister name Park Shin Hye. They have no parents and they work hard to earn a living. What would happen if Yoo Seung Ho, the rich guy and Park Jiyeon, the smart intelligient girl, met each other on the accident? Will it turn out to be bad?


(C) by MongZong 2012









Here are the characters:



Yoo Seung Ho:


-ignorant on the outside, sweet on the inside

-not so dumb, very smart in his ways

-have some enemies, he's a fighter

-he find Jiyeon annoying, fall for her soon


Park Jiyeon:


-a sweet heart and hardworking

-very smart

-always think of others

-had a bad past

-didn't like Seung Ho, love him later on


Lee Ji Eun (IU):


-Jiyeon's best friend

-always there for Jiyeon

-knows aboout Jiyeon's past

-very smart and hardworking

-hated Changmin, love him later on


Shim Changmin:


-very stubborn, selfish

-act all that, but very sweet

-fall for IU when he saw her

-always try his best

-be may stubborn, but very smart

-a fast learner in anything



Park Shin Hye:


-Jiyeon's older unni

-dating Jung Yong Hwa

-caring and hardworking

-love his dongseng a lot


Jung Yong Hwa:


-sweet and very kind

-loves Park Shin Hye

-always caring and helpful

-always there for Park Shin Hye

-very smart and thoughtful

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eelynn_90 () says about chapter 24:
please update soon..
your story very amazing 0_0
i loveeee jiseung couple <3

RusselAnne25 () says about chapter 24:
Please, Update Soon o(^_^)o

mayseeyang52 () says about chapter 24:'s been a long time, eonni-ah..i sort of forgot the fanfic, but now, i remember..hahah i wonder if Jiyeon is going to be ok :T update soon :)

may_yuna () says about chapter 24:
changmin just ruined the Jiseung moment with that phone call...
it's cute how Seung Ho whined about it...
and what will happen to Jiyeon now??

its okay...being a college student is really not that easy...:P
good thing i'll be graduating next year..YEY!!!

Eririn () says:
College can be fun but a real killer too. Good luck for the exams! Jiyeon is such a cutie!"

mayseeyang52 () says:
Aish, major cliffhanger right there!!! :D

cherryeppeo () says:
update soon :)

mayseeyang52 () says:
Awwww..i wished Seungho would've told Jiyeon about Taecyeon, but secret's a secret (;

ImMrcutie () says:
your chapter 14 was like Kimi ni todoke's one episode.....

zzerazian () says:
~poor jiyeon..{why3x}haha
~yes,u still alive taecyeon..gosh!!

p/s=also love the rooftoop prince..haha..there such a pabo sometimes`red,green,yellow n blue...'hahaha..

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