Fake girlfriend.

by eunxkwang
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Fake girlfriend. - main story image

After getting your make-up and hair done, you didn't look like you. You looked totally different from the left out nerd in school. Now, you were breaming with beauty, that even Myungsoo couldn't hold himself.

*Damn this girl is fine.* He thought to himself. *Now, to tell her why i dragged her here for.* "Come with me." Myungsoo signaled as he walked leading you into a small café.

The both of you sat down at a small table around the corner, "What do you want? I'll order it for you." Myungsoo asked.

"A starwberry milkshake, please." You told him, *Lol, why is he so nice to me?*

"Kay~ Be right back!" He ran off to the counter, *Hmmm, she likes straw berry milk shakes too?!* After about 3 minutes, Myungsoo came back with two same drinks in his hands. He sat down across you and pushed the milkshake infront of you.

"Do you want to know why i brought you here?" He asked, and you nodded egarly while sipping on your milkshake.

"I want you to be my fake girl friend." He stated.

"MUH?!" You screamed causing the milkshake to fly out of your mouth. "GIRL FRIEND?! NEVER!"

"Would you shut up? People are staring." Myungsoo hissed in embarressment.

"How can i shut up when myungpoop here is asking me to be his girlfirend?!" You screamed.

"Fake girlfriend." Myungsoo corrected. "Look, if you agree, i would stop treating you badly, arraso?"

You thought about it, life without getting bullied by Myungsoo. *Paradise... No, wait! The other boys will bully me!*

"NO." You said firmly.

"Aish! I would stop bullying you and i would ask the others to stop too." He proposed.

You smirked, "That's more like it."

"So you'll do it?!" Myungsoo beamed.

"You better keep your words." You pointed at him.

"I am a man of my words." He sipped his drink.

"Are you even a man?!" You questioned and chuckled abit.

"Yah!" *This girl is really funny.* He thought and smiled to himself. 


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rainkura () says:
Please please please update !

namchagi () says about chapter 23:
i love this story soooo much♡ please update soon>_<

ReinaPark () says about chapter 23:
update soon...

Sprinklepink () says about chapter 8:
AWWW it won't let me see the pic of the girl!! *pout* oh well love the story so far! :D

BabyEXOtic_Kpopper () says about chapter 1:
My name is Nicole too XD

maithy080700 () says about chapter 8:
Lol at the pic of myungsoo's mom's choose to be his gf

kamenrider43260 () says about chapter 22:
Update soon please? >-<

pk_love_kpop () says about chapter 22:
Please update soon. ^.^

lilli5874 () says about chapter 22:
please update soon!! :D

baekhyunnieee () says:
Update juseyoooo~~~ love this fanfic. ^^

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