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Perfect Matches

Based on his and your personality traits, I have decided that these guys are your most compatible love match:



Zhou Mi






Nearly Perfect Matches

Aside from a few personality traits you might find unappealing, these guys are almost a perfect match, too!











Opposite Attraction

These are the guys who have very little in common with you. In fact, most of their personality traits are the exact opposite of yours. For example, you might be shy and quiet and he’s outgoing and talkative. Don’t let this discourage you, though, because as the saying goes: Sometimes opposites do attract!











~Best of wishes to you and Happy Valentine’s Day! ~

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CarmiHudson #1
Chapter 5: Yesung Kim and Ryeowook Kim are the ones of my opposite attractions so I hope to God that it'll attract to me BUT I told you that Ryeowook is a Cancer guy. It's okay that Kyuhyun is my heartbreaker BUT thank God that there are my perfect matches Eunhyuk Lee, Zhoumi, Siwon Choi and also my nearly perfect matches Henry Lau, Donghae Lee and Shindong! :D <3 O:)
SharlightArmy #2
Chapter 12: LOL I got Heechul and Leeteuk xD Almost completely different personalities xD
Would totally go for Hankyung/Kyu/Zhou Mi too though <3
Yasiyasi #3
Chapter 1: Ryewook <3333
farzanah_azmi #4
Chapter 4: OMG, Yesung?! Wow, he's totaly fine! Wait, how come tht super cute and sweet guy would be my heartbrekers?! (sungmin) T^T Btw, this is fun. I'll take a look the other groups ^^
haesmilee #5
Chapter 3: Donghae okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Qanian #6
Chapter 12: Lot of opposite attraction and one heartbreaker.
Lucky me
DontLeaveMeAloneXX #7
Chapter 3: YES DONGHAE
valerie-hew #8
Got heechul but I want kyukyu!!!!
pixie_luhan #9
Chapter 8: Got heechul ^^
brenecia16 #10
Chapter 4: Cool! I got Yesung