유리(Yuri) Glass

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We don't pick who we fall in love with.

Im Yoona has fallen in love only once and until now, she's still in the process of falling out of it. The man whom she loved first more than anything has left her broken and hollow. Since then she has dedicated most of her time working under a news company as a writer. The job is her only way of keeping herself together. Then she bumps into Shim Changmin. A man who seem to know all about her despite him being a stranger. They fall into a pattern of accidents, coincidence, and fate. But with all this, comes fear for Yoona. Fear that she will make the same mistakes again.




A person's mind is unpredictable and so is mine, she thinks silently to herself as she stares at her own reflection on the transparent glass. Behind her, the street was fairly busy and it seems like everyone has their own direction where to go. Even the white clouds, she adds, admiring the pale blue sky above her.

"Before you know it, it's too late. Find him and take time for yourself."

"I don't need one. How many times do I have to repeat that to you?"

"Hm. Let's see... a million times? And I'll repeat it over and over again because I can. And because I have to, for the reason that I want to see you in love again."

She stood for another moment before turning with a small smile playing on her lips. See, a person doesn't need someone to love to smile, this was the reason why she took a moment for herself - to say (to prove) that the great Im Yoona is not falling behind. That she doesn't doesn't need a person to complete her life just like what her ever annoying best friend Jung Jessica say to her.

There was nothing to prove, really. She just wanted to make sure that she was right and her best friend is wrong because that's who she is, straightforward, ambitious, and independent.

Taking her time as she walks, she stares at the sky with wonders. She wonders why the sky is blue, why does her stubborn best friend keeps telling her to stop remembering and start finding the one, why she can't stop feeling insulted somehow that she has to be reminded what's wrong with her life, why a stupid guy name Choi Seunghyun ever existed, why he had to hurt her after all the things she had done for him. Why. Why. Why?

"OUCH!" She falls back and almost stumbles in the ground if only a hand hadn't caught her. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Never walk without your eyes on the way, Yoona.

"Are you okay?" The grip was firm. She fix herself to stand straight with the help of the hand.

"I'm fine." Finally, she looks up. First thing first, brown eyes, sharp nose, messy hair, and a very seductive frown - is what she first notice.Freeze. Don't stare. Staring is bad. She blinked him away, averting her eyes somewhere else.

"Are you sure? You seemed a little... daze but I thought you knew so I didn't move away and my phone rang so I forgot to look... ah, I'm sorry."He's rambling, why is he rambling? She smiles, unknowingly. Cute.

"It's fine. I'm fine. See? No broken bones..." Examining her body, she felt a tinge of pain in her arm, maybe that's when he pulled her suddenly, "... oh, just a little pain in the arm. But I'm prefect. My body is perfe--"

"Do you want me to bring you to the hospital? Or anything?"

She laughs. Another unusual thing about the day. "I'm fine. Like I told you. Besides, I should be the one apologizing for day-dreaming at such an early time of the day."

This time, it was his turn to feel at ease. "Oh. Good." He sighed.

Great. Even that is cute. Did I think cute twice now? Oh God. I need to stop. "So, uhm, I think... I'll go first. Sorry again." That's right! Walk away, Yoona. And she did start to walk away with those little voice inside her head raging for war.

There was no butterfly, no heart racing, just a plain old attraction she hasn't felt for how long - only God knows.



Author's note and Disclaimer: Well, this is my second story for Changyoon pairing. The reason I'm starting this story while I'm still writing Change of Heart is  because I want to kind of try something a bit less angsty than Change of Heart xD Anywho, I hope you guys like it! 

Here's an awesome review for my story by cool story bro, request shop! 

Storyline is made by me/Kjtodd08. Poster above is by NIKATSU. All rights reserved.

This story is fictional so all the characters are just made up. The following names used are also borrowed. No offense meant.


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Btsnsd01 #1
Chapter 10: Update pls
afiqahalya #2
Chapter 10: Knew it max is changmin so basically seunghyun and max is sibling right aihhh
Why he always appear what he want from yoona actually
Hopefully more update from you
chrislwf #3
Chapter 10: Happy New Year authornim. Thanks for your update.
It's been a while, really miss ChangYoon story. It's sad that Yoona has to face another heartbreak, first with Seunghyun, and now Changmin. Hope Yoona can find her happiness soon. Till your next update.
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Chapter 9: Interesting story, so Changmin n Seunghyun know each other or perhaps brother with different last name? Can't wait to know what happen with Yoona past, waiting for next chaper.
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Chapter 8: I'm so excited to read your story, please update this story. Will you? Kk
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Chapter 8: Changmin & Seunghyun were related like brothers, right? Changmin was the connections of the school director's sons, was he? Interesting & intriguing story. Update soon!
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Chapter 8: i really miss this story n i wonder what really happened on her past
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Chapter 8: Ohmo!Max is Changmin right? He said that actually they went to same school. So seunghyun and changmin are brothers? Ah I wanna know what's the story behind them.
And what happened on Yoona's wedding? Was she going to marry seunghyun?
More explanation please T.T
I love how you describe Yoona's pain and misery here :)
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Chapter 7: I LOVE YOU JUNG JESSICA xD Changyoon forever bickering in every fanfic of theirs lol
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Chapter 7: I've just found this ChangYoon story and I really like it very much. :)

Seunghyun in this story was such a mean guy who broke Yoona's heart. But I trust Changmin can slowly mends Yoon's heart since he's in love with Yoona for so many years. Funny Yoona did not have memory of Changmin during school days!

Please update soon.