project swiss.
founded on january 28 2018
Posted on january 28, 2017

project swiss is a startup project created to form collaborations with different singers around the internet. we aim to also help singers who want to develop their singing techniques and to also create fun song collaborations! the project will focus on k-pop and j-pop for the time being and will progress to different genres when the time comes. join us, and let's shine together.

Posted on january 28, 2017
Posted on january 27, 2017
how to be part of the family

first. make sure to read the rules!
second. apply using one of the forms : trainee or staff
three. after submitting the form, please drop a comment with a song you want project swiss to do along with your name. tell us your expectations and what you think about project swiss !
four. wait for your profile to be added onto the lists. after that you can sign up for any of the collabs and also participate in training sessions!
five. download the 'DISCORD' app to be added to the team chat!-->

Posted on january 30, 2018

first. subscribe to get the latest updates!
second. this is a project about collaborating so let's all be nice together. constructive criticism, but bashing is not. respect others !
three. must be able to participate in training sessions on time.
four. must have decent microphone (we're very strict about this)
five. must be able to follow instructions specially on passing files. and you must able to pass it on time.
six. don't be afraid to show your talents!
seven. and last but not least, have fun!

Posted on february 2, 2018
Posted on may 23, 2018

hi yeorebeun, producer-nim jiyoung/geo imnida! i'm so happy to announce this little project that i'm making. i have waiting and planning a long time to introduce this, and after a year of waiting we've made it! i will stand as the producer for now and i hope that you can join us. i'll produce the music ourselves and make sure that we release music that is on par with pro level kekeke. let's all get along, and let's start our journey.

Posted on january 29, 2018
Posted on feb 23, 2018
We need more trainee's! I hope everyone can audition. STAFF PROFILES and EVALUATIONS are up!

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yamitan7 #1
Hello, I'm Miya~. Hm.... a song I want Project Swiss to do would be.... OSTs! XD And less conventional songs? Like maybe BTS's Arirang ><
As for my expectations.... I just wanna sing with other people~~ XD
Also, I think Project Swiss is nice XD. Cuz I can feel the confidence and determination to produce quality music.
Hi it me tosh, and any kind of song that is lively that people like listening to! I expect to meet other people who love to sing and have fun in this project : D
Hi, I'm Tita, I've submitted my trainee form ^^ Ummm, I don't really have any song request for the project as for now. I think it'd be fun to discover and learn songs as I want to start keeping up with k-pop again. And I love j-pop as well. The saying of releasing music that is on par with pro level really interest me and I hope it really can be done. I know that a new project needs time and hard work to grow and gain recognition. But I'm ready to walk alongside this project. I hope that it'd be a fun ride and that this project will be a success. ~XO