Disney Tales All End In lies

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Reality isn’t as close to tales as kids believe.

In reality,

Ariel knows how to use her legs but doesn’t know how to close them.

Aurora is gay for Kidagakash.

Elsa is a man with very beautiful hair.

Gaston is very timid and loves books.

And Anastasia doesn’t want to find home.


There are so many characters so obviously some wouldn't be as relevant as others, also this is my first seventeen fic so am trying to get used to all of their different personalities (I joined the fandom only this year) so yeah easy on me XD
Also am starting this with an overall idea of how it's going to be but am just going with the flow for most of it (Like I always do) so let's hope it turns out good
I had this idea for so long and I can't believe am finally writing it omg!!

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I'm in love with this story. More power to you and know that I am always rooting for you as you continue to write this masterpiece! Bless your lovely writing skills <3