If It's Meant To Be


This fic is mainly about Day6's and Got7's leaders; Sungjin and Jaebum. I at description but there will be friendship, fluff, angst and yes love too. There might also some action packed scene too (gotta read to find out ;p). Oh and yes it will be based on the idol Sungjin and Jaebum (not an alternate universe) I will reveal everything slowly but surely. Enjoy.


Main characters are:

Park Sungjin, Lim Jaebum, Kang Hana and Evelyn Huang. 

There will be other important characters of course but you will have to read to find out.

I wrote this story because it has been stuck in my heads for months (since last year). Also we need more Day6 and Got7 stories tbh (if you have read some good ones please recommend them to me haha)  



A/n: I at all the description stuff lol. Just read the first chap and take it from there, okay?

If you want a light read, you can check out my other fic, Hush.

I'll post the first chapter soon! (: 


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