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You've seen them in movies, books, and fairy tales. You probably thought that they existed when you were little. But as you grow up, you stopped. Most say that they are fiction, that we are fiction. Well, I'm sorry to inform you, but we do exist. Whether you like it or not, we are everywhere. From that innocent looking high school girl to the CEO of the biggest corporation.

Thus be frightened, fragile humans... Some of us are here to harm you, use you, eat you.

However, know that some of us are also here to protect you. Have hope in knowing that not all of us are evil. That we have been your so-called guardian angels for centuries.
We are the Insitute of Mystic Defense (IMD), the secret force that protects the peace of the world. And also the force that keeps us from the public eye.

But evil is brewing... and we may not be strong enough to stop them.

So be prepared humans. You may come to know about something you shouldn't have.


Hello there!

It's me! Yuuji! The author!

This story is about the mythical beings--or mystics for short--that live within Seoul.

The main characters are going to be Twice and an OC of mine.
But the side characters are going to consist of GOT7 and BlackPink.

If you didn't know, this story is also a re-write of my old story with the same name.
I wanted to re-write it because my writing is way better now that what it used to be,
and I always cringe back when I read the old one.
Also, I didn't really like how the story was going in the old one too.

Fair warning! This will differ greatly from the original story, but with the same themes and plot.
It's just the details that are a bit different.
Also! I will be updating this fairly slowly since I'm in my senior year at high school.

Anyway! Enjoy the story!

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Momo_the_mochine #1
Chapter 1: Damn this is better than the old one but I HOPE YOU WILL CONTONUE THE OLD ONE TOO
Pohakuponyo #2
Would you recommend reading the old one first or waiting for the re?
Chapter 1: You're back ><
I love your stories, can't wait for this ><