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Irene Bae is the author of multiple best selling romance books. However, she has halted her writing due to her writer's block, and can't find any inspiration for two years after a devastating heartbreak. When financial struggles causes her to have to give up her luxury condo, she finds herself in a difficult situation. How will things change for the popular author?



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Chapter 9: I guess the person on the door is Jisoo XD
Imagine the guests getting confused on who is who between the two cause rn they both have the same hairstyle and they look a like XD ((Irene looks and somewhat acts like Jisoo on the fancams of ISAC 2018 XD))
And A Silent Voice is such a great movie, same with Your Name <3
zweilts_lawliet 23 streak #2
Chapter 9: silent voice is inspirational movie , it reflects how much bullying can affect human lives, does irene writing a book like your name? hehe
20 streak #3
Chapter 9: Haha I bet that was Jisoo who was gasping like she'd seen a ghost
Chapter 9: Jisoo is it jisooooo
Chapter 9: That's obviously jisoo hahaha
rosé is also my bias hahaha she's adorable
63 streak #6
Chapter 9: That has got to be Jisoo hahaha

i havent found time to watch blackpink house but i feel like Rosé would steal Jennie's spot in my heart
Chapter 9: loving this, and i can't deny it i love it when authors put my jisoo as seulgi's love XD i just ship them so much, after seulrene of course.
aoaminaelvis #8
Chapter 9: Wow Rosè is my bias too ,but I can't choose between Irene and Seulgi..hehe anyway great story au nim pls update soon
Chapter 9: Lol is it jisoo at the end?is she ok? is she alive?after seeing irene xD xD
Lovely chapter~seulrene's interaction is pure gooold
Thanks for the update~ :D
+ koe no katachi had me ded on the floor T^T i love this movie
solarsica #10
Chapter 9: Could it possibly be Suho at the door? Maybe he is Jisoo's mystery man and she decided to bring him along to the party? It certainly would be awkward if it was.